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Her Submission

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As she squirmed in my arms, delight filled me. Yes my dear, let the Hellfire rage over you, fight it with every bit of stubbornness you have. It will only weaken her, furthering my cause. I tossed her to the stone as if she were but a rag doll. My shoulder hit from the little bitch attempting to stab me and was in no mood to be kind. Her vomiting only added to my pleasure.

          “Get up!” I demanded of her. She would learn to obey. She would learn that I owned her. I heard her teeth snap together and she defiantly remained hunched over on the floor. So be it, we could do this the hard way. I rather enjoyed the idea. That perfect body and flawless skin needed to be tended to. I clamped down on her arm, making sure she felt the full force of my annoyance. The grimace on her face was a sure sign she felt it. “I said get up!” I snarled again, jerking her upwards. Upon my touch, my mark radiated pain through her, bending her will. “Would you defy me? You know you belong to me!” I had enough already. I gripped the arm with my mark, allowing my energy to flow into it. I could see the pain flooding through her eyes, her body wrenching as her breaths came in short gasps.

          “I will never belong to you, Balthy dear. No matter what you do, I will NEVER be yours!” She snapped at me. How I despised that name!

          “We’ll see about that!” I promised, jerking her forward. It was easy to drag her, even when she stubbornly went tense, attempting to stop me. The fool! She was only asking for more pain. I saw the flicker of fear in her gaze as I strapped the anti-magic cuffs around her wrists. Yes, she knew what was coming. Perhaps I wouldn’t have to scar her too bad. After all, I did want that luscious body to ravage in other ways as well. I pulled her arms up over her head, raising her so that she barely touched the floor. “Now, let’s talk.” I could no longer resist, I had to touch that velvety flesh, running my hand down her cheek. I expected her to pull back, not the wad of spit she flicked into my face. She dared to spit upon me? Mmm…this would be most pleasurable. The thought brought a cold smile to my lips. The sensation of my claws raking through her chest from shoulder to hip was insatiable. A chill went up my spin in complete pleasure. When my nostrils were assailed with the metallic tang of her blood, I resisted the urge to lap at it, just to taste her life force. I was sadly disappointed when she clamped down, refusing to scream for me. That’s all right. I would get that scream out of her. I had an eternity to make her scream my name. So lost in my thoughts, I didn’t even notice when she pulled herself up, slamming her feet square in my chest. Admittedly, it hurt a little bit. It was that strength I wanted to be passed into my sons. It is why she would be mine! I stumbled from the blow, but it could only make me smile even more. She only showed that I was going to have my fun. “Have it your way!” I couldn’t risk another kick, so I took my time wrapping the shackles at her ankles and spreading her thighs wide. Then I allowed myself the pleasure of once more shredding my claws into her, watching that perfect flesh rip apart.

          I circled her slowly, watching her. Even now she didn’t scream, refused to cry. I allowed her to hear the sound of my favorite toy popping in my hand. “Say you belong to me, RuAnna. That’s all it takes and I can make all of this pain go away, it will go away forever.” I promised her, sounding as sincere as I could. Ha! That was laughable. She would hurt as her pain brought my pleasure. In bed, she would scream madly, but never with pleasure. She shook her head. Though she didn’t speak, she still fought against me. She didn’t see my shrug as I cracked the whip outward. It ripped easily through her shirt and skin, instantly lacerating the once smooth surface. Another chill rippled through me as I watched the crimson begin to ooze. For hours we played my little game. “Say it, RuAnna!” I would demand, and every bit the stubborn ass she was, she would simply shake her head no. Each claw…each whip fueled my pleasure. I watched as her thighs split open, her breasts, every last inch of her, save her face. She was far too beautiful for me to harm that precious face. At last, I could not stand any longer. Her broken form rising before me was too much to bear. I was hardened with need and want.

          “I will break your will,” I promised as I lowered her from the cuffs and shackles. All I received was an answering whine. At last! I knew it wouldn’t take long to bend her to my will. She was still weak. Now, she was too weak to fight back. I cradled her to my chest as I carried her to my sleeping chambers. She was my lover and would be treated as such. Once I rested her gently upon the mattress I climbed over her so she could see me staring down upon her. She would know me; I would consume her mind as I took her body. “You ARE mine,” I whispered the words, a seductive banter between lovers as I forced my mouth upon her. I could no longer resist her torn body lying before me. I did not expect her teeth to clamp down upon my tongue. The pain pierced through my mouth and from her gagging, I could tell she had drawn blood. Anger ripped through me, forcing me to my feet. Even that pretty little face had to go. Yet, somehow she managed to muster enough strength to fend the whips and blows with her shaking hands. The bracelet upon her wrist, the gift from my master trembled with the force. My eyes flew open even as hers locked on me in a narrowed glare. Gods, I was doomed! The floor shook beneath me and their snarls consumed the entire room. The hounds, the ones that I had once ruled over now obeyed only her. The three of them in my chambers was enough to make even me blanch in fear. I backed away from her, away from them, only to be drawn up short by a firm, massive form behind me. I didn’t have to look to know who it was; I could feel the death pouring from his very being. Of course they had brought him along.

          “I don’t care who you are Balthazar! She is forbidden from you! I do NOT want to catch you near her again. Though you are my general, I cannot let this moment go unnoticed. I am punishing you to two days in the abyss!” He bellowed, his rage echoing through the room. I wasn’t sure I could stay on my feet. The abyss was a demon’s hell!

          “Milord, please?” I begged, pathetically. Perhaps it would have worked had Samhain not seen her lying upon my bed, naked and ragged with raging wounds. His gaze settled upon me, chilling my blood even further. I didn’t resist when the hounds lifted me into their jaws, facing them was by far less intimidating than facing him! I watched from my tragic position as he lifted her broken form and vanished from the room.

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  1. Maggie Zagurian 9 years ago

    D: Bad Xanny! Bad! *swats him with a rolled up newspaper* 

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