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Hey Dad…

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“Orion, I don’t know how to tell you this, but we haven’t seen Nick or the kids in almost a year now…..”

Valerie Natsu’s comment to him the other day continued to ring about in the young force-user’s mind. Making his way from the Tavern in Consequence, Orion would walk quietly along the streets of the city. Heading away from the center of the town in a Westward direction, the young force-user would make his way toward the forest that grew along the edge of City. His mind raced with thoughts of his dad, Nick Valentine, and his brother and sister. With the war with the Zann Consortium lasting nearly a year, Orion had no clue if his father was still around, til being told by Valerie other wise. The young boy’s eyes would flash and looking about at the civilians as they walked about. On occasion, he would see a squad of his soldiers as they’d do their daily patrols, keeping crime rates down in the city and helping citizens with their issues. Making his way down the old route he’d take to go back home, he’d always pass by ‘Legends’ or what once was ‘Legends’, the club his foster mom use to owned. His eyes shifting to a new club that had taken its place. A slightly shift in his weight would only quicken his pace as he walked fast, trying to escape a few haunting memories. His hands dug into his robe’s pockets, as his slowed his pace down after getting some distance from the building. With his gaze more so towards the ground, his mind would begin to wander as he hears the same conversation over again, through his mind.

“Have you heard from my dad, or know where he is?”

Orion, I dont know how to tell you this, but we haven’t seen Nick or the kids in almost a year now and noone knows where he went….I’m sorry Orion.”

Shaking the thought from his mind, he look up to the approaching tree line of the forest. His eyes flashing up to the tall looming green filled trees. The bird like creatures chirping and making their mating calls from the canopy of trees. A small smile pulling across his laps as he found alittle peace on his adventure for the day. His gaze reach to the tree tops for a few more minutes as he entered the forest, only for his eyes fall back down to the now dirt road he’d travel many times before, back when Jane was still alive. For some odd reason, no matter the time of day or season, the woods always had a fog or mist that would hang low, but it gave the scenery more beauty to it at least to Orion. Following the dirt road a mile or two out away from the city, Orion would finally come to break off of the main road. A separate road that trails off in another direction.

With a heavy uneasy sigh, the young teen would push on down the break off road. His eyes noticing the overgrowth of the wild life along the pathway. As he followed the road a few yard away from the entrance, Orion would come across a large tree that had fallen across the pathway, most likely knocked over by a strong storm. The teen just stared at the fallen tree and sighs, knowing that it probably has been like this for awhile, dropping the teen’s spirits more than it was already. Extending a hand out, with his fingers all pointed to the tree, Orion would begin to concentrate. With his eyes closed, the teen feeling the flow of the force all around him, and with in himself. The surge of energy rushing in and out of his body as he quieted his mind and focused on the tree. In his mind, he pictured a large hand reaching from the sky, and grabbing onto the tree, and lifting it up like a stick. But in reality, the tree would begun to lift off of the ground slowly. Dirt and debris shaking off of the bark as the boy slowly lifted his hand, keeping concentration as he used the force to move it. Shifting slightly on his heel, he’d begin to turn his body, directing the large trunk of the tree off of the path. Knocking a few smaller growth over and crushing others but would only return back to the ecosystem for new growth in years to come. With the obstacle out of the way, Orion continued on the path. The teen was determined to get to the house, he had to see for himself whether or not Nick was truly gone or if something had happened. Walking a third of a mile down the road, the young teen would come to a clearing in the thicket. His eyes shifting to a large two story house in center of the large opening. The yard of the house was overgrown and unkept as vines had grown up the brick stone of the outer walls. His eyes looked at the damages to the roof and the wild planets that took over the building. His eyes begun to water as he just stares at the last bit of hope of Nick being there, being killed. He’d let a sadden sigh escaped his lips as he thought to himself before pushing onwards once more towards the house. His ember red Sith colored eye and the cybernetic implant looked to the front porch as the grass and weeds had begun to take over the area. At the door, the teen would grab onto the doorknob and goes to turn it –Click- locked. Grumbling under his breath, the teen dug back into his cloak pockets and grabs ahold of a key and pulls it from his pocket. Slipping it in and turning it, he’d hear the click of the lock mechanism deactivating as he’d once again turns the knob and steps through. 

As he steps into what was once home, he’d look around the dark rooms of the front foyer and the family room. His eyes shift as he cybernetic adjusts its vision to see in the dark mass better. In a random attempt, the teen would just flick a switch, turning a light on as it’d lit up the family room. Good to know that the electricity was still on. Besides the walls being covered in dust, as well as most of the pictures and knick knacks on shelves, everything looked the same as when was last here. His eyes shifted around looking at how neat and tight the room was and still completely furnished. He’d look around the room for a second before noticing something on the table. It looked to be a folded up paper with his name on it. Curiously, the boy walked over to the table and reached over to retrieve the paper. Unfolding the paper, he’d looked down to it and begins to read the contents written on it.

By the time you read this, i will be no longer on Hellifyno. I’m taking Jilly and Little Nick with me and leaving Hellifyno. Before you go blaming yourself for this, me leaving isnt your fault. After Jane’s death, I’ve been in a deep depression and almost lost the will to live on a few occasions, but I have to keep going for your brother and sister. As far as where i am going, I truly dont know but i’m sure the kids and I will find somewhere to call home. But please do me a favor Orion, and do not attempt to come find me. Don’t send your army after me to find me don’t try to contact me. I love you my son, but i want to try to have clearer head and be a better man when I see you again. I dont know what you and Sophie plan to do with your relationship, but if you ever do decide to finally settle down and quiet your adventurous actions, you will have a home to do so in. With this being said, I’m leaving you the house that your mother and I built for our family, and i want you to have it now. Just remember Orion, I love you my son and I’m sorry you found out through this, but please understand my decision to leave. You take care my boy and I do hope to see you again and hear about the news and adventures you have to share again. Take care….

Orion stared at the paper as his one humanoid eye begun to tear up. His hands clenched the paper tightly as he fought back a surge of emotions that built up from the reading. Attempting to his keep his emotions in check, the teen would close his eyes and begins to concentrate. Suddenly a familiar voice would echo from behind him, which would send chills up his spine. 

“You wasted your time, just to kill me, that you weren’t here with him.” 

Orion would turn quickly and looked to a transparent image of the late Tyber Zann. Orion’s eyes staring at the long grey haired male, a look of an upset teen ready to cry, turned annoyed and disgusted. 

“Dont give me that look kid, you did this to yourself. Your dad needed you and what did you do? Wanted to go play General in your little army and left him alone with his depression after the love of his life died…”

Orion muttering sharply. “Shut up..” but Tyber kept talking.

“All because you wanted to come after me in your selfish need for revenge because you wanna blame me for you not being able to save your mom?” 

Orion growled lowly under is breath in annoyance. “I said shut up…” 

“Oh all cause, I captured you and saved your life from your ship was attacked. Gave you the ability to see again, and to breath but i see you lost that mask and had your men fix that huh? But i’m at fault, cause you weren’t there to save her? Maybe…” 

“Shut up….”

“Maybe you should’ve stayed home when she asked you to.”

“I said shut up.”

“Maybe you should’t be playing a grown ups game kid.”

“Shut up!”

“Maybe if you were like a normal teen you’d still have both your parents.”

“I said SHUT UP!”

“Maybe….just maybe, if you would’ve stayed. Jane would still be alive and Nick wouldn’t have abandoned you.”


*Turning with an outstretched arm, Orion would feel a surge of power flow through his body before it would release through his hands. A wave of energy would flow through the small room, in which the image of Tyber had disappear but begun knocking things over and causing things to fall from the walls. On the mantle above the fireplace was a small little box filled with things the Nick kept that were Jane’s. That box, would get hit by the wave only to be thrown onto the ground spilling its contents. As it spilled and everything rolling across the floor, one object in particular would roll across the floor and taps against his foot. With his one eye still watery, the teen looked down to the object. A small pink colored crystal laid at his foot, as he just stared at it. It was pink lightsaber crystal, the first of the teen’s Khyber Crystal project attempt. It was given to Jane for mother’s day years back. Reaching down and picking it up, Orion would just stand there with the crystal in had as he thought to himself. Though out of sheer luck for this one item to do do that, he still took it as a sigh. A sign of Jane looking down on him and telling him that everything would be alright. Looking around the house for bit, he’d let it settle in that this was now his house. Looking back to the crystal in hand, the teen mutters quietly to himself, his voice cracking due to his emotions as a single tear falls onto the Crystal. 

“Just wish you were around long enough to know that you guys would’ve been grandparents…….”

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