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History of Tenrai and its Races

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In the beginning, there was only Tobius and the void of origin. No one knows how long this period lasted, as Time hadn’t been formed yet. But Tobius gained self-awareness and made his realm, but came to realize he was ‘alone.’ As the thought entered his mind, he absentmindedly opened a portal and peered through. This accidentally created a new world, later named the Realm of Order and Chaos. Two things existed in this place, a mass of shadowy chaotic energy and a bright unyielding light that left blank whiteness in its wake. Chaos and Order. They instantly took on a dislike of each other. Chaos tried to smother out Order as Order tried to erase Chaos. After watching this destructive and pointless conglict for a while, Tobius had enough and brought the two forces together into a sphere, known as the first planet.

The forces swirled together on the planet’s surface. He separated their power from their form. Order formed as a blond, blue eyed male child with a stern look on his face, an aura of light surrounding him. Chaos formed a red-eyed, dark haired male child with a mischievous look about him. Tobius saw these humanoid forms and was pleased so he assumed a form larger and older than the two children. “I am Tobius,” he told them. “I created you, therefore I am your father.”

“And who are we?” Order spoke first to his father.

“You, my son, are the concentration of the force of Order. But I will call you Sonora.” He then turned to the dark haired child. “And you are the embodiment of mischief, change, and Chaos. I shall call you Sugawara. You are now brothers. And as your father, it is my wish that you stop trying to end each other.” The boys agreed to this, but still held animosity towards each other, as was natural. 

Tobius felt that the boys would be alone, so he began to seek out other forces and create more “children” to join them. In this new world, he created the Sun and Moon next. The sun was an orange-haired child, bright and golden just like the force he embodied. He was called Sol and was then known as God of the Sun. 

The moon, with silver hair and eyes, was a pale beautiful girl. She assumed a form not much younger than Tobius, and she loved him as not a father but a lover. Luna, then called Goddess of the Moon, devoted her life to Tobius.

The list of Elder gods is long and tedious, and many of them were cruel. One of Tobius’ close friends and children was Tyria. She embodied truth and honor. She was golden-haired and violet eyed. She assumed the form of an Elvish woman, with a golden tongue stud and golden earrings. These made it nearly impossible to lie to her, however Tobius was capable of it. He never did, as he felt no need to lie to her. This was the reason she was close to him. She knew her abilities didn’t work with him, but she saw that he respected her enough to be honest with her.

Another favorite was the smallest of the gods. She was pale, like Luna, but her hair was a pastel blue, her eyes a soft pink. This was the Goddess of Life, Laisi. She assumed the form of a young child, keeping this form her entire life. She helped in the creation of Tir Na Nog, realm of the Fae and her home. When Tobius would hold court for the fallen, Laisi could often be seen either at his side or in his lap. She acknowledged him as her Father, loving his as a devoted daughter. Tyria would always sit at his side as his friend and advisor.

This was because Tobius would hold court each and every day for the mortals that had fallen that day. It was his favorite time, listening to their stories, their lives and loves. He gave them choice. For those that wished to be reunited with their families, he would allow them to reincarnate. Those that fell in battle would be sent to Arma, God of War. In the halls of Arma, they would drink to their fallen comrades, fight, and revel in their war stories. 

Many of the other gods found these tasks tedious and had no love for them. But, they enjoyed that it made their father smile and they took joy in his enjoyment. 

Though, the longer Tobius did this, the more he wondered about what it would be like to be mortal himself. He knew love, he knew happiness. But he wanted more than that. He wanted to know why so many fallen chose to go back and live again. With the help of Laisi and Tyria, he concocted a plan to die and be reborn.

That is how it came that the world and the gods were created. The next part will speak of the death of some of the Elder gods, and how the Clans that we know came about. And how the races were created.


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