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History Repeating

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Allegra was sitting on the floor in the middle of her room wearing only her olive drab cotton bikinis and a thin white tank top. Her hair was piled on top of her head in a beautiful mess, secured only by a pen. She had to keep pushing loose tendrils out of her eyes, but she couldn’t be bothered to get a proper hair band, this was too important. All around her were books, files, emiters, and papers with her notes scribbled hastily upon them. To the untrained eye it would look like absolute chaos. To her, it was controlled chaos. She had gone over and over all the material multiple times and each time she arrived at the same terrible and terrifying conclusion.


She started to organize the materials, creating piles of similar examples from all of history. First came the Annunaki, Sumerian gods who came to Earth from the sky and enslaved humanity for labor and livestock. Using them to mine gold, for sexual gratification, and eating their children. Then came the gods of ancient India and their Vimana’s, golden ships that rained down death and destruction on the world of men. Next was the Tuatha De Danann from the ancient Celtic lands, who arrived on clouds and brought horror and were ruthless in their hunt for human. The Nephilim, the Grigori…. The list was longer than it had any right to be.


All through human history, she had found a common theme, a thread so obvious that it made her feel nauseous to think they missed it again and again. Dismissing the evidence right in front of them as legends of primitive peoples when in fact they were quite possibly the unabashed truth. Allegra scrubbed her face with her hands, trying wake herself up, she’d been at this all night. Jack and Rick had been called into some meeting for the leaders and seconds of the colonies on the Caravan route and since Coda was the second in Krieg… She’d opted to make herself scarce because there was no way a meeting between the two of them wouldn’t end in fight. A shouting match at best, the damn fool getting himself killed at worst.


She had started the research and then she couldn’t stop. Every new detailed led to two more, which led to three more…. All the things Rico had told them now made sense to Allegra. Which made her feel ill. Oh! Those were the files she was missing. She stood up and gingerly walked through the chaos, careful not to disturb any of the stacks strewn all over the floor, and picked up a file. Then she repeated the process with two more files and returned to her spot in center of the floor.


Wernher Von Braun, Aleister Crowley, and The Nazi SS. The men and organization who willing served the Seraphs, who set the stage across centuries for The Purge to happen and be successful. Those men and their descendants sold their species out for power, fame and the illusion of safety.


“It was better to reign in hell than serve in heaven….”


What did she do now? How did she explain all this to, well, anyone really? Allegra pulled one of her knees up to her chest and rested her head on it.  Trying to think of how to approach this subject with anyone. She need help. But it all sounded so…


Crazy. You’re probably going to sound crazy.




You are in a colony of literal Einstein’s, you really think you’ve found something they’ve managed to miss for so long? Rick and Jack were there too when Rico was having his last confession.


Yes, I do. I do think I found something they missed.


Ok, just maybe you should rustle up a couple cats to add to this chaos, really embrace the crazy before you go talk to Jack.


Wow, for my own subconscious you are really a Bitch…


Takes one to know one.


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  1. Author
    Allegra Gliss 4 years ago

    “Mmm, it’s certainly easy to forgive you when you are doing that.” Allegra purred with a sigh, arching her back in pleasure. She caught his lips in a deep kiss as he playfully nipped at her. Her hands roved across his body, traveling to lavish attention on all of the areas she had learned made him gasp or moan in the last several weeks. It still amazed her when she earned one of those precious reactions. It still made her a sort of incandescently happy that Allegra hadn’t known was possible. 

    “Family is everything,” She murmured against his lips, “but for me that has nothing to do with blood. You’re my family. Haven is my family. That’s what matters, you matter.” Allegra kissed him again and rolled them so he was laying on his back and she slowly kissed her way down his chest, pausing to remove his belt and undo his pants with a smile.

    Allegra would beg tonight, she would plead with him and tell him all the ways she wanted him to touch her, to take her. But first, she wanted to hear him gasp in pleasure and that was exactly what they spent the rest of the night doing, taking turns gasping in ecstasy and pleading for more.

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