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History Sticks

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It’s true. The whole thing with the Fae. It truly does drive people mad. Lily’s watched Zoey go down hill before. But.. not like this. Zoey’s gone silent. She’s become reclusive. She’s begun having a bad case of Syd Barret- only minus the L.S.D.

And Lily? Well, she’s seen worse. Acid does things to a not-quite-yet matured mind. Then again, doing it at the age of 15 wasn’t such a good idea, was it? Sent Lily down the drain.. Now, she’s 27, has a wife, and a kid. The kid is probably already insane..

Vera’s been unaffected. Part of the reason why Lily believes that Vera is more than likely already insane. Or.. Maybe something about Vera keeps her sane..? Eh, what the hell..

She’s been sitting in the living room, watching over the dogs while Zoey goes out on her little walk. They’ve talked- which was more of a ‘Yeah, I barely understand sign, and you don’t know much of it so… Let’s just grab a piece of paper.’- and they both agreed that Zoey having some time to think and go through her own thoughts will be good for her in this situation. Might even keep her sane. As for Lily.. She’s kept sane through sheer mental will power. No way in hell is she gonna go insane while her wife and kid are relying on her!

Although, then again… Who is Zoey really relying on..? Zoey doesn’t try to talk to Lily much- although, granted, she doesn’t talk at all since she woke… But either way! She’s gone… Silent. It bothers Lily. Maybe they need outside help. Yeah, that sounds about right..

In her heart, she feels like she can move past all the shit she’s gone through. The hell that’s led to this point. Memory loss. Orphanage. Becoming a social outcast. Losing Corey years later. Getting Lily back and engaging to her, only to lose her a mere few weeks later. Granted, she got Lily back. But, in her mind… She knows something will eventually happen. And when that does happen, it’ll be because of her. It seems like whoever she lets in gets hurt. At this point, she’s afraid to even speak to anyone.

She also knows her life is not gonna get better.

She sighs, stopping next to some old oak tree. She plops herself down at it’s roots and looks at the place around her. Trees, grass, a few birds, and in the distance.. A city full of lunatics. She begins wondering what those people are feeling, thinking, seeing.. What hell they are going through…

No. Enough wondering. Enough sulking. It’s time she stands up. It’s time she does what she should have done the moment she woke up. She stands back up, and damn near marches the whole way back to Vietnow.

The mic clicks on…

Lily sits at the door way…

Vietnow’s usual broadcast of music comes to a halt…

And there she is.. Struggling to form the words..

Come on, Zoey.. You’ve done this plenty of times before.. Just let the ice keeping the voice from reaching the surface melt, even if it is just for Vietnow’s sake…

A few moments of silence…


“Good evening, Hellifyno… Alot has happened in the last few weeks, hasn’t it?”

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