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Hitting the streets, holding the thin blue line

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After her day abroad, Allison quickly found her way back home as there was still a job to do and not many people qualified to do it. This city, her city, was still being rebuilt; with the population in disarray due to the multitude of clones with no purpose. So Spc. Greene was on the beat, behind the wheel of her cruiser as she coasted down one of the city streets casually; on patrol. Before the war the Specialist would have had a partner, a battlebuddy riding shotgun and the thought of it brought a heavy knife of regret to her heart as a tear rolled down her chin. He died betrayed, fighting on behalf of /magicals/ Soulless against the rest of the world. Ally took a right and headed down another street, trying not to feel as though her burden was to survive and carry this guilt for the rest of her life. Things seemed quiet for now, though there wasn’t much time for looting and lawbreaking while everything was razed to the ground; especially in her department. Though she knew there were opportunist who would make time for such infractions, so she kept a careful watch.

She was half way through her patrol now, pretty uneventful until the integrated dash console came online and the dispatcher came through. [NEARBY UNITS BE ADVISED. WE HAVE A POSSIBLE 10-10 OVER TOWARDS THE DOCKS. PLEASE COPY.] Allision rolled to a stop at a traffic light and looked down at the dash as it pulled up the quickest route to the docks, revealing that she was only a few kilometers and 15 minutes away at what the computer considered reasonable, safe speeds. She took a hand off the wheel and tapped a few commands on the dash and opened up the mic. “This is car 17, Specialist Greene. 10-4, enroute to docks.” Ally acknowledged and stopped transmitting so she could bring up the sirens as the light turned green. The young MP sped up the cruiser as lights flashed from above, prompting all the other vehicles in her path to move aside and provide a lane. Transmitters in her car would change traffic lights for her too, giving her the quickest response time humanly possible. She would beat the computers time by 3 minutes as she pulled up to the docks.

Specialist Greene pulled her cruiser up to a stop and scanned the scene, it was early afternoon and the docks were pretty packed with the hustle and bustle of everyday commerce and travel. People of all sorts were all over the wooden structure, sailors and merchants loading and unloading goods and crew. It wasn’t hard to see where everyone was gathered, in a loose circle of course, around the disturbance. From her high vantage point, Ally could see three heads in the middle and imagined they were kicking the shit out of one another. “Car 17, 10-23. Three possible suspects. Moving to intercept now.” And with that she ‘locked’ the car and got out, making it impossible to move without her biometrics while keeping it on as it still hosted a suite of programs. She wore her basic blue OW Rapid Deployment Armor with the helmet retracted, on one shoulder was the symbol of Olde Watch, on the other shoulder, the symbol of her platoon. The right side of her armor had a police badge printed on with A.GREENE above and #1168 underneath that marked her station. Specialist Greene also wore her duty belt, which consisted of her twin M1911 pistols in thigh holsters; one loaded with rubber bullets and the other with A.M rounds. There was a staircase in the side of a small cliff that led down to the beginning of the dock which she took, then a sharp right as she readied herself to address the situation.

“Hey!” Allison yelled out as she got closer, getting the attention of those towards the back of the group. Seeing a cop showed up made them part for her like the Red Sea to Moses, some of the onlookers even deciding that staying was too risky as they went back about what they were doing. Now with a clear lane of sight on the situation, Specialist Greene was able to actually see what was going on. There was one man, black hair and blue eyes, had another man, blonde hair and green eyes, in a pretty decent chokehold. Then there was a woman, also blonde hair with green eyes, holding a plank of wood and striking the black haired man in the back repeatedly. Her helmet snapped into place as she pulled the pistol with the rubber bullets inside of it and aiming it downrange. “THIS IS OLDE WATCH POLICE. CEASE AND DESIST IMMEDIATELY.” Her voice magnified through her armors vox systems, which worked usually to great effect. The crowd started to disperse even more now; Allison stopped 5 meters away from the alterication. The blonde woman looked over at the cop with the gun drawn and quickly stepped back, dropped the plank, and put her hands up at the same time. The black haired man was determined though, and the blonde man’s face was going from red to pale quickly. So she opened fire! Her HUD linking up with the weapons sights and providing the MP a targeting reticule for a more accurate shot. She fired twice, once then realigned to fire again rather than what was known as a ‘double tap’; aiming for the black haired man’s exposed right shoulder.

“GET ON YOUR KNEES, HANDS ABOVE YOUR HEAD!” The armored and armored Military Police commanded in her augmented, magnified voice for the blonde woman; making her less of a target for possible rebound. Both rounds striking home one second after another and loosing the blue eyed man’s grip. The blonde man slipped out of his grip and onto the floor, choking and struggling for breath but alive. Looking up, the black haired gentlemen met the shiny black visor of Allison’s full helmet for a few seconds of eye contact, the cop with her finger on the trigger as the man held his shoulder with his other hand in obvious pain. Her helmet receded back into her armor so she could fix her brown eyes on his blue as she spoke. “Don’t try me pal… Get on your knees. Now.” The Specialist demanded with authority, with fire behind her unblinking gaze.

After a few moments of quiet, even from the bystanders, the blue eyed man calmed down and fell to his knees with his hands up in the air. Specialist Greene released a breath she wasn’t even aware that she was holding her finger move from trigger to alongside the barrel as she quickly closed the distance between herself and the three people. Allison grabbed one of the guy’s hands, holstered her weapon, and grabbed the other while bringing them behind his back. She cuffed him with the reinforced cuffs, then grabbed him by either shoulder and pulled him against a crate that was nearby. Directing the woman to interlock her fingers and stay put, the trained first responder checked in on the blonde man. Making sure he was breathing still, she could see the bruises starting to form around his neck. She grabbed the radio off her belt to call this in. “Specialist Greene to central. 10-52 to my location. One victim. Auth 1168.” There was barely a second delay. [10-4 Greene, a bus is on its way. ETA 5 mikes. As she spoke, the blonde woman violated the MP’s orders to check on the welfare of the man, sitting harmlessly by his side. With the situation properly defused, the raven haired cop went back to the man and hoisted him up and started to pat him down. “What’s your name, and am I going to find anything on you I shouldn’t? Or anything sharp. Knives, needles?”

“Josh Decker.” The man replied as he remained submissive, his legs spreading as he received the pat down. “Got a knife in my boot, but who doesn’t?” He admitted, which she found a second later and removed it from his person. A small dagger and sheath that the brown eyed lawlady looked over carefully. She found his wallet, keys, and other items a common person carried around while at work. Confirming his identity, she confiscated all his items and pulled him away from the crate. “Ma’am don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back for your statement.” Spc. Greene stated as she hauled Mr. Decker away, up the stairs and to her police cruiser. From there she wasted no time in depositing the man into the back seat of her car, then throwing his things into the passenger seat as she looked back to the dock. Both of the blondes where actually up and making a run for it! “Oh shit!” The black haired woman exclaimed, bringing her helmet back up as she got out of her car and closed the door. “1168 to central. Cancel the bus. The supposed victim is fleeing the scene! Two on foot.” She preceeded to give more description Specialist Greene bounded down the stairs 5 at a time! She hit the dock running, her HUD marking the targets and their last known positions and directions.

/God!/ She thought to herself as she sprinted across the docks, watching the pair of Blondes make their way onto a Freighter class sea ship that was bound to port. /Why the fuck did they have to run?/ A quick trip to the hospital and they both could have been on their merry way, but instead they now had an armored officer of the law on hot pursuit. In truth she probably should have called for backup, now that she lost eyes on her suspects. But with the state of things and the fact that she should have restrained the female as well, considering she was a combatant, but Ally made the judgement call and said the woman was saving her family member or something. Regardless she made good time crossing the docks and heading up the gangplank onto the ship, intent on correcting her mistake before calling in for a patty wagon for the lot of them. The ship was called /El Camino/ and her HUD looked up in real-time that it was registered to head to Persistence empty for resupply, but that wasn’t for another 6 hours. Stepping on the deck, the MP withdrew her rubber bullet firing M1911 and armed herself as she carefully ventured into unknown territory. It was time to activate the motion detector, to help her see through walls and expose little hidey-holes that could hide people.

A few meters in and bravado went out of the window, filled with a sense of calm and alertness as she held her black pistol in her gauntlet cladded hands and slowly transversed the deck. In the interest of time she didn’t check every corner and instead relied on her sensor until the trained soldier would start to search the ship, going with the Helm after the deck proved fruitless. It was a bit odd to the lacking amount of crew on the deck, but with automation so popular a ship this size could likely operate with little actual living crew. Specialist Greene made it to the door and with her pistol in the left hand at the low ready position, she banged on the door with her right. “Watch Police! Open up!” Came from her vox as she listened at the door. Her motion detector showed three people in the room, and one of them was moving towards her. The door opened up and Allison was greeted with an older man, greying hair but it used to be gold and blue eyes. “Hello.” He paused for a second and leaned in to read her armor. “Officer Greene, I’m Captain Roy Eddison. What can I do for ya?” The Specialist peered around the Captain to see a man and woman within, armed with guns but they weren’t who she was looking for. “Captain I’m in pursuit of two suspects that have fled here aboard your ship. I need you to access your surveillance and see if you can locate them.” He was quiet for the moment considering the MP’s words, while Ally took the time to address the feeling of familiarity with this ship Captain.

Within the Military State of Olde Watch, when someone in the Military gave an order or request it was heard. Atleast most of the time, as people still willingly suffered the infraction if it benefited them more. “Let me see what can bring up on the cameras for ya. Come on in.” Eddison sounded almost too helpful… Something in the MP’s gut said there was something wrong. “I better keep an eye on the plank, it seems to be the only way on or off unless you swim.” She countered with a fabricated reason, not wanting to go into close quarters with two, possibly three armed people. “But Officer… Who am I looking for?” Was Roy’s question, giving her a curious look. Specialist “Male, late 20’s early 30’s. Blonde. Green eyes. Female, little young, early 20’s, Blonde. They ran aboard less than 10 minutes ago…” Dealing with civilians was a pain in the ass, those in the military at least responded to the UCMJ. “Okay. Okay. Let me see what I can find.” With that the Captain closed the door while turning around, with the facade of following orders. But that was only so the cop wouldn’t hear him command his two security officers, a bigger man with brown hair and brown eyes, and an average sized woman with black hair and blue eyes. Thanks to her motion detector, Spc. Greene saw the other two dots quicky rush the door. She leaped to one side as it opened again, both of the mercs holding their weapons forward as they had planned to assault her.

Now shit was getting real, she was outnumbered and outgunned. She took cover against around the corner of the cabin that was the helm, hostlering one M1911 and replacing it with the Anti Magic live ammunition loaded M1911. She opened up her comms again, but before she could say anything, the two gunmen were out on the deck and looking around for her. There were only two directions she could of went, unless she went overboard; so they both happened to choose to go in the direction she was taking cover from. “I order you both to stand down and surrender your weapons.” Of course there was only a slight chuckle as the other green eyed woman came up first, who turned the corner shooting! Armed with Mp7 that was silenced, these were clearly no shit taking gunmen who didn’t care about shooting a soldier of Olde Watch. Specialist Greene dove to the side, a few of those rounds making impact against her hardened ceramic plates that defended her. She landed with a heavy ‘thud’! Firing her weapon in return as the magic piercing hollow point bullets streamed downrange with a greenish afterglow. Two shots to the chest, but that didn’t actually penetrate the assailant as armor seemed to be present at both sides. But quickly the veteran changed track, rolling twice before she was behind the massive spool used for the rope and anchor. As she rolled she fired twice, missing once, but the second round hit home in the green eyed woman’s kneecap. A small target without a lot of armor if one wanted to keep mobile, and while armored pants might stop the bullet from penetrating, the hollow point would deliver enough stopping power to injury the patella; injuring one of two known gunmen.

“FUCK!” The other woman exclaimed as her knee was shot! That would hinder her greatly as she fired again at Officer Greene, while the bigger man was careful and started to flank the MP’s position. Allison wished that she had brought her heavy weapons that were in the trunk of the car, but that wasn’t the case. With a M1911 in one hand, she pulled up a p.i.p view of the camera within and pointed the barrel out of cover to get a good view without presenting herself. She saw the big man first, and fired a few rounds into his center of mass. He grunted and swore and fired wildy at the object she was hiding behind, the other woman firing as well but unable to hit her back. That forced him to find cover and stop firing, giving the MP a chance to stand up, fire what was left in her clip at the other woman gun! Only to quickly turn tail and sprint towards the wall of the helm! She jumped and ran alongside the wall for a few seconds, then jumped into a roll, recovering from the roll in a sharp change of direction as Allison rounded the other end of the cabin that was the helm. The gangplank was back in sight! But from the other end of the ship, Greene witnessed those two people she had chased aboard; they were now holding guns too. Luckily she was closer to the plank then they were; so she switched back to her rubber bullets than try to reload. Pistol in one hand as she moved as fast as she possibly could, firing more to give the scare and force people to consider poking their heads out while the Specialist willed her muscles to move faster and make her stride further.

She could feel a few rounds bounce off of her armor, warning signs going off that the Rapid Deployment Armor was becoming compromised. Allison made a risky and unpredictable move as she jumped off of the plank 10 feet away from the dock! Saving herself a second or two soaring through the air, she reached a wooden support pillar and planted her hands in a cat vault; transfering her momentum carefully as she landed on the dock! While running forward, Specialist Greene looked back to see all of the crew on the edge of the ship, but they stopped firing as the lawlady sprinted for her life across the dock. Now she noticed how everyone got out of the area, either on their own ships or just far away from the combat. There were sirens in the distance, probably because now that Ally had a moment to think outside of combat she would notice that command had called her twice. “1168 to command. Shots fired. Multiple assailants aboard the cargo ship El Camino. Requesting back-up.” Moot point because it was already on the way. Spc. Greene didn’t stop until she was all the way back to her cruiser. That’s when she noticed that the ship was starting to leave harbor, prompting the cop to think they had something to hide on that ship or on they were hiding those two blondes from the start. In less than 20 minutes from when she arrived, Greene got back in her car as three more police cars showed up, plus a helicopter. Military action swarmed the docks, the great city of Olde Watch not taking kindly to someone firing on the officer of the law.

While her brothers and sisters in arms secured the vessel thoroughly, Specialist Allison Caroline Greene made her report to command via her dash cam. Providing real time information like her mission camera and armor diagnostics to allow the greatest exploitation of their weaknesses in seizing the vessel. Even with a few dozen men it would take a little for the entire ship to be searched. So with her presence there now redundant, she unlocked the car to drive and pulled out. The raven haired young adult drove back to command, a Mr. Joshua Decker asleep in handcuffs in the back seat. Who knew what she stumbled upon, good or bad she followed procedure carefully though there were a few interesting judgement calls. Either way that would all be tomorrow’s problem, for now she made her report. Once she got back to command, she’d escort her prisoner in. After all the hype and being shot at, Allison couldn’t wait to clock out and go home for some well deserved rest.


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