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Hope and Light

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      Dear Citizens of Hellifyno, some of you may know me or seen me from being around your world in the past but most of you don’t. So I will introduce myself. I am King Noctis Lucis Talos Bloodmoon of Eos-Gaian, a planet in an universe not far from this one.  We also have been receiving these  messages upon our ships that are in your universe of space and I have sat here listening to them. Well I have had enough especially when the being known as Arom brought up one of my Shadow Glaive Guardian’s names. A man you know as Gilver Dark. Yes I know he was once a warrior of the void but he battled it, got cleansed of it and now fights for the light and for Gaia.

       Him and the other warriors Alexandria, Kida  and many others that fight for their home have hope in their hearts. Yes they haven’t gone after the void yet but in due time they will rise like a phoenix and defeat the void with their plans. I know to most of you especially Arom thinks that they are just delaying but they are not. They are just not rushing into things. They are making sure they will not fail . I believe in these warriors as should you, give them your hope and your prayers to Gaia so that they may bring her back to Hellifyno with the seed of life.  

        We all can be the light in this darkness, The hope in this time of Sorrow, Don’t let those that have died, die in vain because of some AI from a planet that is worried that the Void will spread to their planet. Yes we are all afraid of that but the only way to do this is join together to battle it, to bring balance once again. To stop listening to the messages that spread hopelessness and puts down the warriors.  Stop bickering and fighting among each other. We must stand tall together as brothers and sisters against this Void if we are to succeed.  The fate is in your own hands to create the future of Hellifyno.

May the light of Gaia and Etro be with you all in this time of Darkness

This is King Noctis Bloodmoon signing off. 


  1. Evenore Sygilspeaker 7 months ago

    But the fact the heroes have been bickering and fighting was part of the problem that Arom has been addressing.
    He has come off as aggressive but he does make some valid points. The void catastrophe was due to mistakes from the people trying to help. And not just current but also past ones leading up to the Void attack.

    That being said…I don not agree with Arom’s methods in full. But i do agree with his points. Even if we beat the void it is all meaningless if we do not learn from the past and be more active in choosing how we handle future foes and who we trust to ally with and stop those mistakes from happening again. I feel we are letting egos get in the way and not focusing on the bigger picture and that is what Arom is trying to point out.

    • Author
      Noctis Lucis Bloodmoon 7 months ago

      I agree it is a problem that they can’t get along. On Eos-Gaian we have a council that looks at the problems that comes up and look for the best interest for the people, not in our selves or each other but for all. Yes this planet has a habit for that. but it is not in mine or Arom’s power to put a stop to it. It is the citizens of Hellifyno that need to speak up to the heroes and voice their own voice without someone saying it for them. I am here to offer help with what I have. I’m not here to make Hellifyno’s citizens like me or my citizens, nor am I pushing my ways on them but I will offer my council and advice, it is up to them to accept it or not. Yes many want the cycle to stop but it is not up to Arom to stop it with his join his people or die beliefs. That is what is rubbing people the wrong way and down talking of those that have hope and dreams is not the way to go. It has nothing to do with Ego with me. If I had to sacrifice my life to make things better I would in a heartbeat. Cause that is the kind of person that I am. Would Arom sacrifice himself for the people that are not his people? If I didn’t care about the world where I met my wife I wouldn’t be here trying to help.

  2. Evenore Sygilspeaker 7 months ago

    He has often spoken about spurring the people. Something no one else has been doing…Many are fleeing to other worlds. And I can not say what he is willing to do or not. in that sense Both you and Arom have the same goal to have the citizens decide. Though with vastly differing methods.

    I suppose only time will tell what everyone may do.

  3. Bella the hell hound 7 months ago

    Hmm for every action a reaction happens, seems their are those that oppose Arom and the words he speaks, for every group set out to achieve a common goal their are those that oppose that group,who is right and wrong is erelivent, your words hold some worth bloodmoon,but just as much as you claim his words are worthless so to do your words lose value the moment you speak I’ll of another, neither is right, neither is wrong,and yet sides are chosen, you’ve made your choice let us see if it is the right one

  4. Nova 7 months ago

    i can see both your point and Aroms, and both are valid but. one issues arises and that is this places is brakeing rapidly. and there inst a way to heal what no longer exists. arom is offering a nre start in a place rid of the errors and void..a place we can truly rebuild ourselves in. he is not just saying you are delying…hes show us he understands and thay he has a better option

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