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How She Came Back.

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She can’t quiet tell how she got back. But this is what she can say:

Seras smiled to Pip, it had been awhile since his death. Awhile from her’s herself. She was laughing, her arms around him, “Pip, It’s been awhile! Far to long! You should of seen how I ripped Zorin apart!” Seras and Pip swayed side to side as they hugged. Pip smiled at her, “So how did you earn yer ticket here, darlin?”

“Thats a story for a different time… You need to show me around since I’m actually up here now….” She stared around at the nothingness of the Heavens, “Er…. Nevermind….. I think I know everything now..” They both started to laugh to eachother. Pip brought her up into a spin and then when he put her back down on the “ground” he looked her up and down.

“What the hell happened to ye?” Pip said. Seras just shook her head, refusing to answer. Pip taking the hint nodded, “You don’t have to, if you don’t want too.”

 Seras nodded lightly, “Thank you.” They got settled and started to talk on end, so many things to catch up on. Pip kept bringing up things, and she would laugh at it. The silly memories they had. Seras started to laugh and suddenly. Something was caught in the side of her eyes. She looks at the cloudy ground and notices a crystal. She knelt down, picking it up, “They didn’t forget me…” Pip seemed to have a confused look on his face, “Who? Where were you?” Then Pip recieved a Crystal to the face, “The feckin Hell?!”

Seras smirks, knowing exactly who it was, “Alicia! Get yer ass out here and hug me!” Then came the little Alicia, comming to her. Seras threw her arms around her and stood, spinning her in a hug, “You came!”

Pip automatically jumped in, seeming pissed, “You’re here to take her back… Aren’t you….”

Alicia glared at Pip, “I’m here to see if she wants to come back. It was a request from someone special….”

Seras automatically nodded her head, “I do! I do! I wanna go back! It isn’t my time to be here yet!” Pip grabbed her arm and frowned, “I just got you back Seras….” Seras frowned at him, “Pip… I’ll be back…. This isn’t were I belong….” With the Alicia led her away, and then they shot down. A force pulling at her, and suddenly she appeared at her grave spot, smack ontop of her daughter…. Her daughter smiled to her and said, “Welcome home Mom.”


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  1. Laryka Dior 10 years ago

    Hmm…tough choice, ya’know.  The lesser o’ all the evils….Daniel be too selfish but damn rich, Augustus be really dead, dun know nah Nyar..blah blah, Robert be worse than selectin’ some deep woods hick, and Rom keeps changin’ what he be….really inconsistant…Imma gonna have ta put me vote with Tye.

  2. Cecilia di Sighisoara 9 years ago

    Aww poor frenchboy! 

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