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~Hurrem loves,children,grandchildren and daughters-in-law~

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2.Sultan Suleiman I Magnificent

3.Sehzade Sultan Mustafa

Children (with Sultan Suleiman I Magnificent):

1.Sehzade Mehmed

2.Mihrimah Sultan

3.Sehzade Abdullah

4.Sultan Selim II Mest

5.Sehzade Bayezid

6.Sehzade Cihangir


1.Sehzade Mehmed:

  • Hüma?ah Sultan

  • Sehzade Orhan

  • Sehzade Yusuf

  • Sehzade Murad

2.Mihrimah Sultan:

  • Ayse Humasah Sultan

  • Sultanzade Murad Bey

  • Sultanzade Mehmed Bey
  • Sultanzade Osman Bey

3.Sultan Selim II Mest:

  • Sultan Murad III

  • Ismihan Sultan
  • Gevherhan Sultan
  • Sah Sultan
  • Fatma Sultan
  • Sehzade Abdullah
  • Sehzade Osman
  • Sehzade Suleiman
  • Sehzade Mahmud
  • Sehzade Cihangir
  • Sehzade Mustafa
  • Sehzade Mehmed

4.Sehzade Bayezid:

  • Sehzade Orhan
  • Sehzade Osman
  • Sehzade Abdullah
  • Sehzade Mahmud
  • Sehzade Murad
  • Mihrumah Sultan
  • Hatice Sultan
  • Ayse Sultan
  • Hanzade Sultan
  • Sehzade Mehmed

5.Sehzade Cihangir:

  • Sehzade Mustafa
  • Sehzade Musa
  • Ayse Sultan


1.Sehzade Mehmed:

  • Haseki Esmahan Baharnaz Sultan

  • Haseki Nurbahar Sultan (?)

  • Haseki Cihan Sultan (?)

  • Haseki Melanie Sultan (?)
  • Roslana Hatun (?)

2.Sultan Selim II Mest:

  • Haseki Afife Nurbanu Sultan

  • Haseki Selimiye Sultan (?)
  • Haseki Dilsah Sultan (?)

  • Haseki Ayse Sultan (?)
  • Jitske Hatun (?)

3.Sehzade Bayezid:

  • Haseki Fatma Sultan
  • Haseki Defne Sultan (?)

  • Haseki Rana Sultan (?)

  • Haseki Huricihan Sultan

4.Sehzade Cihangir:

  • Haseki Ayse Sultan (?)
  • Haseki Nar Sultan (?)
  • Sara Hatun (?)
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  1. Caoimhe Byrne 4 years ago

    I would like to quickly apologise for any altercations between me and Ember posted previously. As is aware, we have had some problems OOC which have now hopefully been cleared up, and I will readily admit that they have absolutely zero place in this conversation whatsoever, and I was probably out of line for anything I’ve said here.

    Nonetheless, my opinions on this topic still stands, and I’m happy to discuss them when given the opportunity. 

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