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Hypocricy (RP)

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Zoey Foles (And Lily Tompkins)
Lily led Zoey right out the casino. Their stuff was already back at Vietnow.. So at this point it was just Lily taking Zoey around to explore. Zoey asks, “Where we goin’?” To which Lily replies, “Dunno. Somewhere? Just exploring.” Sigh.. Well, Zoey cant complain. It’s been god knows when sense they’ve hung out. Hell, even being in the same room. Now that Lily is back, and Zoey’s got her memories, the good times can start rolling back in. After a short while, the two find them selves at the beach. Huh. Zoey’s never been to a beach before.
Zoey stared at the ocean a second.. Lily catches the stare. “What? Never been to the beach?” Zoey shrugs her shoulders. “Nope.” She kept her hands in her jacket pockets. She wore a pair of jeans which were a perfect deep blue. Lily on the other hand, wore a red tank-top which used to be a T-shirt.. All thanks to a pair of scissors.. And a pair of sweat pants. She was lazy and felt like staying in them today.. Lily eyes Zoey a second. “So.. First time for.. Anything fun? Huh. I always thought the reason why I didn’t see those memories while i was inside ya head was because of the fact that you locked them in that mental wall.”
Zoey Foles (And Lily Tompkins)
((sorry went afk..))
Zoey Foles (And Lily Tompkins)
Zoey ignores Lily’s comment.. Simply staring at the sea still. Lily plops herself down, facing out to the sea. “Sorry.” She says, knowing that any mention of that barrier in her head brings back some bad emotions. Zoey plops herself down next to Lily, sighing. “It’s okay.” She leans into Lily, resting her head on her shoulder. Lily leans her head on Zoey’s. It’s late. Zoey only just now realizes this. “Think we should head home?” She asks, still eyeing the ocean. Lily shakes her head subtly. “Nah. Let’s enjoy this for a while longer, will we? I’m not in the mood to get moving.”
How ever, just out side of Zoey’s normal sensing range, almost on the other side of the beach, stands Desmond. Watching. Mainly Zoey. He had failed to kill her.. Let’s see.. 5 times now? Zoey was on the verge of death on the last one..
One last attempt.
After this, he will accept any fate that came upon him.
((now to get Zach..))
Desmond Foles
First, how to go at it. He’d gladly kill Lily, to get to her first.. But no, he has morals after all.. One death and it’s done. If they’ve died before, he wont continue.
So, rather he takes a direct route.
Teleporting behind them and simply smiling and saying.. “Hello.”
Zoey Foles (And Lily Tompkins)
Zoey turns to him, instantly on her feet and in Focus. “The hell are you doing here?” Lily gets up and begins walking away, keeping her eyes trained on Desmond.. “You two have fun..”
Desmond Foles
Desmond laughs. “Just like every other story that involves a war between brother and sister, I am here to make the final attempt at killing you.” He gives some dramatic bow, fully intending to infuriate her.
Zoey Foles (And Lily Tompkins)
Zoey’s telekinetic energy flares up, causing the sand around her to rush away from her in a quick rush. She is instantly raising a hand to pin Desmond to a nearby rock, which, if what she had planned works, would flip over, drop, and crush him… “If that’s what you want.. Then that’s what you’ll get!”
Desmond Foles
He gets pinned to the rock, yes.. Only to teleport behind it and send it right at Zoey, just fast enough to kill her if it works..
Zoey Foles (And Lily Tompkins)
Aaaand it doesn’t. Rather, it gets smashed into tons of tiny pieces as it smashes into a telekinetic shield. Those pieces rise, circling Zoey for a second, then flies at Desmond, one at a time. She says, “You can leave now. This is the last damn chance ya got. Leave now, and never fucking return. Do ya self a damn favor!”
Desmond Foles
He teleports behind her, putting her in a choke hold. “No, I think i much rather go ahead and kill you..” He tightens his grip, keeping her stuck, never letting loose. Zoey would have to kill him now if she wanted free..
Zoey Foles (And Lily Tompkins)
She doesn’t go all out and kill him. She finds the loop hole.. A telekinetic shock wave, erupting the ground around her as sand rises and creates a rather big cloud around them, one that Zoey would teleport out of, waiting for Desmond to do the same..
Desmond Foles
“Nggh..” He teleports out of the cloud, on the other side. He simply waits for it to settle. Once it does, he stares Zoey down, simply saying, “Well, I can see you are going out of you’re way to prove me wrong.”
Zoey Foles (And Lily Tompkins)
Desmond Foles
“You remember. The moment I called you a hypocrite, as you are so against killing, yet, go out of you’re way to kill me.” He claps. “Bravo, by the way. But even a complete imbecile could see the murderous intent in you. You want be dead more that I want you dead.”
Zoey Foles (And Lily Tompkins)
Desmond Foles
He scoffs. “Fine. Stay silent.” He raises a hand, directly connecting his telekinesis to her ankles, proceeding to lift her into the air.. Prepping to bring back some good old memories of hers.
Zoey Foles (And Lily Tompkins)
She is lifted.. And holy hell does his intentions work. Her first reaction- Look at the ground to make sure there are no lead pipes. Her second- Send a concentrated wave of telekinetic energy at him, intending to break his focus, which would allow her to be freed from his little attack..
Desmond Foles
He is effected, but not much.. He brings Zoey down, a knife then coming from under neath the sand, flying right back at her.. Aiming for the other kidney, the one he hadn’t destroyed with a lead pipe..
Zoey Foles (And Lily Tompkins)
A gunshot roared out through the beach, Lily standing under cover of another boulder or.. really big rock. The bullet soars through the air, across the beach, and hits the knife, fully knocking it of course.. She then proceeds to empty the whole clip, aiming for Desmond’s vitals. Zoey sighs in relief..
Desmond Foles
The knife would miss- and leave a cut across Zoey’s left cheek. One that would scar. He lets Zoey go, but she has a fall to deal with now.. The bullets stop, all at once. They turn.. And, like a shotgun going off..
Flies right for Zoey.
Zoey Foles (And Lily Tompkins)
Zoey quickly gets up and makes a small hand motion, sending the bullets back at Desmond. Her telekinesis would flare up again… Her eyes turn purple, and she enters Insight. “This is NOT how I wanted this night to go!”
Desmond Foles
The bullets come in too fast, Desmond’s instincts kick in and he makes a dodge to the left, a bullet hitting him in the leg.. Then another in the stomach. He’s left on the ground, grabbing at his leg with one hand and at his stomach with the other..
Zoey Foles (And Lily Tompkins)
((jesus did you even read it?))
Desmond Foles
Zoey Foles (And Lily Tompkins)
Zoey sighs.. She walks up, just a foot away. She holds a hand out to her side, the palm of her hand facing Lily.. The gun in Lily’s hand flies into Zoey’s, along with an extra clip. Lily then jogs back up, asking, “You ‘bought to do it?” Zoey nods.. She slides the clip into the gun, cocks it back, and aims it at Desmond’s head.. “I know you got lot’s to say. So say it.”
Desmond Foles
He laughs.. A sick, twisted, maniacal laugh.. “Sis, at almost every turn, i’ve said lots! You expect me to have more..?” He sighs.. His voice grows dark.. “Fine..”
And thus he begins…
((hold on..))
“You hate me for what I am. For what i do. Yet you fail to realize that we are the same. I am a monster, just as you. We have similar abilities, damn near the same. You say you hate to kill, that you are all peace and pacifism. Yet what your doing now.. Killing me.. Makes you this world’s biggest hypocrite. And to think i used to aspire you to do more!”
“To be more! But laying here now..” He rolls onto his back, his smile wider than it ever has been before.. “I can see that you already know what you are.” His voice is darker, more… Horrifying. Threatening. “And in the end.. It’s all trapped behind that mental wall of yours..” And he was done..
Zoey Foles (And Lily Tompkins)
Another gunshot roars through the air. Zoey pulls the trigger, aiming it right at his head. Then another. Then another. Then another. Tears roll down her face. Lily watches, not scared. Not horrified. More.. Mesmerized. She’s never seen Zoey like this.. She didn’t even know Zoey could do such a thing. As Zoey emptied the whole clip, she ejects it, hold a hand out to get another, slides that one in, and shooting him again. And again.. And again.. Bullet after bullet.
Fear after Fear.
Out more and more hatred.
Along with it, Out more and more tears.
Desmond Foles
And there he lay, dead. For once, dead. Not a faked death, actual death.
His telekinetic energy leaving him, losing it’s hostility.. and becoming one with Zoey’s.
Another boost in power..
Zoey Foles (And Lily Tompkins)
Lily grabs a hold of Zoey’s arm, pulling her away. “He’s dead. He’s dead.” Zoey drops the gun, and looks at the place around her.. The crater of sand that she created going into Focus, then the other from Insight.. She had increased a bit too much in power.. Her telekinesis calms, and she goes back to normal.. Lily pulls Zoey in for a hug, Whispering, “Aye, it’s ok.. You’re ok..” Zoey’s breathing had turned heavy. She raises her hands to Lily’s hips.. Lily continues whispering.. “It’s all good, he’s finally dead.. You did it.” Zoey whispers back, her mouth covered by Lily’s shoulder, “I know… I know..” After a short while, Lily pulls Zoey away, heading for the nearest place to sit. She says, “Zoey, just know.. I love ya every step of the way.”
“Love ya too..”

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