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I am Here

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I am here but now what? I look through the rubble of my business and I couldn’t help but to feel slightly discourage. I threw a tantrum to my uncle along the way home but he silenced me the only way he could… But we won’t mention that. I am here but I cannot help but to be confused by the new sights and sounds of this city. Every thing feels strange, every thing was always strange but this isn’t something known to me. 

Just sitting here, lounging in my coffin while cuddling the best creature ever, I am starting to try and figure out how I can fix every thing wrong with my life. My little “vacation” has taught me so much about vampirism, the Camarilla, Anarchists who want to over throw the Elders, the Independents, and those evil cultists known as Sabbat. Every thing is so interesting to me. I wish I could of stayed longer but my uncle knew that eventually we would come back to the city…

That’s fine but I was hoping to learn more about those thin bloods I had seen. Why my new friend was disgusted by them? Why are they thought of so lowly? Why are they considered weak? All I was told is that they’re an omen. However, I don’t see it. They sound better than those whose blood is thick with the exception of the Elders. Like ghouls, I think that these younger, thinner blood generations should be thought of as their greatest asset within the Camarilla. 

I am truly amazed by every meeting I have went to, all of those missions I have been on, that vampire currency known as boons. Boons are interesting things. They are more like favors than actual money. They range from trivial to life. When you give someone a life boon… You’re basically their slave. Amazing! Trival is more for the tiny things. Minor is like “Hey! Get me this gem!” when you cash it in. Major boons, if you cash those in, is like you can make anyone do anything. All of this is run by a single Harpy who monitors all data and information. Who owes what like a bank in a sense.

This was all so amazing to me. I have never really roamed like this before. I mean, I was just stuck to his hip… This is truly amazing! I’ve learned more about vampire blood and its properties… I wonder what would happen if… Okay, you know what, I am not going to even try it. Why should I? He’ll Figure it out. He’s not stupid! In fact, maybe I should snooze for a while. It has been an awfully long trip. I am so pleased to be back!


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