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I Apologize

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I would like to formally apologize to the players of rolepages and the admins. During tonight’s event I was thinking faster than I was typing and used the wrong word during the event.  I know this was offensive and against the rules of the site. This was my mistake and I am deeply sorry.  I hope this mistake can be forgiven. 



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    1. Jen 3 years ago

      We do not blame you a bit

    2. Z-SIGRÍÐR 3 years ago

      I understand in an 18+ event there is a need to shock and make the skin crawl. A line was crossed. A pretty big line and one that is there for a reason. A very regrettable choice of words. However- t’is done and thank you for showing insight and apologizing.

    3. Alex Norul 3 years ago

      Each of us has crossed a line at some time in our roleplaying experiences. What matters is that you realized your mistake and sincerely apologized for it. I’m quite sure you’ll be quite fine!

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