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I hate T-Ball games.

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Well the main reason why i hate T-Ball games is because the parents act like it’s a fucking real baseball game. Plus i hate sports and i want nothing to do with them so when one of my siblings joins a sport i really have  a urge to stick a knife into their back but they are my siblings so I can’t. And they only thing i can do is watch them try and hit a ball, and soon i find myself pacing back and forth and my dad will always look at me and ask. “You bored dude?”. In my mind i want to say “What does it look like?” But I just say “Yeah.” and go back to pacing. Plus I gotta deal with my brother who just brags…Like he can barely hit the ball and then act like he won a champion game.  Or he just brags while standing and does not even play. And there’s always that one mom who acts like a diva and boy do I those moms. One of them have this weird duck lip shaped mouth and the worst part is she always got something to say or some order to give. I always find myself thinking about killing myself when i go to these games….That’s how boring they are but i would never really do that. Plus I almost got hit with a bat while watching them play. I think one of the kids threw the bat. But i heard the weird sound it made kinda like a UFO flying i the air. So I froze and just as i was about to move the bat landed near my feet. So now i know T-Ball game are boring and dangerous. 


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