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I know now what I Must do.

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I took the infocube back to the lab after meeting with both Paracoms and  Twine. It was a good talk between the two leaders and I learned many thing. I needed to learn more of the Rev.van and why they keep speaking in my mind. After touching the cube once i was able to hear them clearly instead of just whispers.


I came back to the E.V.E and showed it to A.V.A. to see if we could make anything more of it but the scans did not help as the cube was old and just like the True Web hard to understand. So As much as I did not wish to I would have to  physically touch it again.

A.V.A had safeguards in place just in case things went badly. And after the first time I am still very unsure about doing it but I did not have much of a choice. It was the only way to learn. I slowly got closer then placec both hands on it. A burst of light as information and energy rushed into me just like last time and it was just as intense and harrowing.

My mind felt like it was onfire as i twas seeing everything the history of both Twine and Ar’elis the creation of the True web and the Rev’van. It was scary and painful but also exciting and exhilarating.

I did not even notice the cube itself fused with my body and that was when everything shifted…I felt it all. I felt everything and nothing at once. Like a dream and a nightmare all at once before i just simply stopped and fell to the ground unconscious.  When I awoke A.V.A was there worried and i felt a change in me. I also saw that the Rev’van were no longer in the cube and were now inside of E.V.E they were massive. And their power flowed into me. It was now part of me. I know now what I have to do.


A.V.A looked at me then the tians around me bowing.” Prim your eyes…”


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