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I Remember You

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After an eon apart, 2 comrades find their paths have cross on Hellifyno once again. This is the transcription of their reunion at the Blue Moon Tavern, after a year of lost contact. They thought themselves ready to forget, but the memory remains… and so, their paths intertwine once again. 
Tsubame entered the Blue Moon once more, though they were more dressed than usual. They’d been hard at work preparing for what they felt was inevitably going to a long journey south. The shirt they wore today -part of their old uniform from The Watch- actually had sleeves, albeit rolled up to the elbow. They brought with them a suitcase containing the most current iteration of their pet project in one hand and a bag full of various supplies in the other. Tsu moved to a corner booth to take stock of their inventory. “Harry,” they called out, holding up 2 fingers. “Whiskey double, and some tater skins if you got em. I’m in a mood.”
Gema Biiz
Another individual entered the tavern shortly after. The tall and slender woman wore dark clothes and a long gray coat, which seemed to have seen a little bit of wear over time. She had a scarf wrapped around her head like a makeshift hood. Her piercing green eyes scanned the tavern very briefly as she made her way in and up to the bar, but it was only after she murmured to Harry for an order of iced tea and a turkey sandwich – she hadn’t had a very proper meal in ages – did something click for her. Slowly, she turned and looked at the person in the corner booth. Her eyes widened in shock. No, it couldn’t be… She trembled a bit, tugging her scarf over her face a bit. She had no idea if this one would have missed her, or would simply shoot her for fleeing the Olde Watch as it was attacked around a year ago and revealed to have been controlled by the Void. She stood there, too frozen to try to turn away or run.
Seemed they wouldn’t be in alone for long. As people started filing in, Tsu got to work munching potato skins and drinking whiskey, as is mandatory for any bar visit. Tsubame was mid sip when they had a pang of Deja Vu… something familiar called to them. Their eyes traced their surroundings, anxious to see the source of their subconscious clue to the past… then they locked eyes with the redhead before them. Tsu froze for a moment, before swallowing their whiskey and shaking their head. No, it couldn’t be… Tsubame looked up at what they thought for sure was a ghost, a trick of the mind… “No fuckin’ way…” It slowly began to sink in, and the ex-lieutenant’s eyes seemed to go three sizes that day. “G…G…” They couldn’t quite stammer out the word…
Gema Biiz
She managed to force herself to take a step back, only to bump into the bar. Her fingers slowly reached behind her for her holstered laser pistol, though she knew that someone with as much military training as Tsubame would have a quicker draw and take her down in a heartbeat if they so chose. At least they hadn’t shot YET. Color rose to her cheeks as she averted her gaze. “… H-hello, Ma-…Sir…Tsubame.”
Tsubame saw that their old comrade seemed nervous, enough so that she was instinctively reaching for her sidearm… Tsubame didn’t remember Gema being one to carry a weapon. They always thought she was an egghead! Just someone who wanted to help, to… Tsubame’s head was pounding now. After wincing for what felt like an eternity, they slowly stood up, reaching a hand up to their temple for a moment before reaching out to her. “At ease, Doctor Bees… if you’re real, and not just some figment of my fucked up grey matter, I don’t think I’m in a position where you need to use honorifics anymore…”
Gema Biiz
It seemed Tsubame wasn’t their usual loud and opposing self. In fact, they seemed rather disoriented – much like she too felt, finally leaving the bunker she had been hiding away in for so long. After a moment of hesitation, she dropped her hand to her side again, slowly making her way closer. “It’s… It’s me. I know, I shouldn’t be here. I should have been killed by now for running. I just – ” She shook her head in shame. “I couldn’t go back. Not after learning what was really calling the shots in the Watch.”
Tsubame took a deep breath, trying to maintain composure. “Well, I haven’t exactly been in the loop either. Y’know, thrown through a temporal anomaly through different dimensions and leaving my brain here in the process… but something tells me we’re not going to need to worry about that shit anymore Gema.” Tsubame made their way around the table to approach her, hands on their hips. “Even if there were much of a Watch left to go back to… that’s not important right now.
Gema Biiz
“A temporal – wh – are you okay!?” Her demeanor changed rather suddenly. Rather than frightful, Gema was now more concerned for Tsubame. “You must have been through hell… ” She stopped, drooping a bit like a wilted flower. “It’s gone, isn’t it? The Watch? I heard rumors.”
Tsubame tensed, trying to decide who to respond. “From what I can tell it’s rebuilding, as always. But… I just can’t go back. I don’t remember much, but I remember the Senate and… I can’t.” Tsubame took a deep breath, trying to stand tall as best they could in front of her. They looked… cracked. “But it’s alright now… I know at least one part of my memory hasn’t been fucked… I can see at least one fuckin’ shred of hope…”
Gema Biiz
“Is it bad that I’m glad to hear you say that?” She sighed, lifting her head again. “That you couldn’t go back either? I mean, I spent all this time hiding. I felt alone, like I could possibly be the only one who wouldn’t just go back to the way things were. Hearing you too are here, and not back there… it’s comforting, in a messed up way. Even if I’m not sure how much you may remember of me.” She tried to offer a gentle smile, though it was pretty weak. “And I heard other rumors, too. That maybe there are more like us who left after everything. Maybe we aren’t so alone. That’s why I finally came out of hiding.”
“Well… bad isn’t the word I’d use. I’m happy all that time in the labs didn’t get to you. It’s good to see you’ve managed to get out of the dank old rooms and get some sunshine for a chance. Don’t think you’re going to break old habits just because we’re in a new scene though, Doc!” Tsubame smirked, puffing their chest before pointing a thumb back to their pile of goodies on the corner booth table. “You aren’t the only one doing homework, and if we’ve been hearing the same rumors it’s likely you’re going to be stuck with me all over again! Which that’s.. that’s…” Tsubame sighed and deflated a bit, their hands actually starting to tremble a bit. “You know, it’s funny… Here I thought I was ready to forget it all. But now I can’t quite let it go because… bec…” Tsu finally broke, lunging forward to pull Gema into a tight hug. “I remember you, my friend.”
Gema Biiz
And so she was hugged, which caught her rather off guard. She gave a small sound of surprise, freezing up. It took her a moment to realize that this wasn’t an attempt to snap her in half. Even more stunning was realizing just how broken Tsubame was. With a deep breath, she slowly hugged back. “… I’m glad you do.” She realized tears were welling in her eyes. Not quite ready to be showing emotional weakness around her former superior, she sniffed the tears back and straightened up, pulling away once she was sure Tsu had gotten a very long – and possibly much needed – hug. “I’m sorry to cut this reunion short, but I’ve actually been walking for a few days now to get here. I think I should try to get a room before I collapse of exhaustion. Or overwhelming emotions.” She laughed awkwardly. “I’ll see you around, okay, s-… Tsubame? Night.” With that, she gave a wave and turned to go arrange her board for the night with the imps.
Straightening up as best they could, Tsu gave a simple nod in farewell and goodnight. As they turned around, they’d found their glass had been replaced with a whole fifth of rye. Those little bastards knew exactly what was up… and Tsubame appreciated it. With a nod to a passing imp, Tsubame sank down into the table and just… drank for a while.

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