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I Stand Alone

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Aesmodeles left me last night. Who could have guessed that so loving a gesture as exchanging tiny pieces of our souls could lead to devastation? For those pieces grew, poisoned us, nearly killed us.

In our desperation, we asked Wyrm to balance our souls and save our lives. We lived – but we changed. Aesmodeles believes my soul is now darker than his, and when I look inside myself, and see what he has become, I know it is true.

The result? We are strangers to each other. We look the same, but nothing else is the same. He has no passion; I have storms. I do not know this man, and he does not know me. We only know that the man and woman who met, and loved, and married no longer exist.

He faces my upcoming trial with apathy, I with fury. I need his knowledge now – and he is not there.

As for the trial – what happens will happen. I am technically guilty of the charges – Dereliction of Duty and Theft in Office – because it is true I did not appear for work in the Torments for several weeks, and apparently true that I continued to draw a paycheck (checks I have never seen!). Yet none of it is my fault.

And in the Hells, that is no defense.

Mother is the judge, and the punishment I face if she finds me guilty is a brutal one.

And Aesmodeles … will he care at all?

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  1. Dragon Teers 11 years ago

    you still have me. Let me beep you away to a lovely resort in the angelic realms where youll be pampered and safe and massaged hourly. Screw this demon stuff

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