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I’d Rather Save You

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When I’m alone
I can hear them screaming
The voices borne on a whim, darlin’
Fed by heartless tales of hope
Born of deadly demise
A faith unwillingly broken
And gone until today

What do we say to them?
What words of hope remain?
Lift up the voice for you
Sing until the skies are blue
I’ll always fall for you
Until that hope is real

Why can’t you see what I see?
The endless tumble of being
It never too close, I know
So grab on and watch it slow

Spread out your arms and let me in
I’ll protect you darlin’
From the world seeking your blood
I’ll keep the voices shut

Why won’t you let me in, oh darlin’?
Why can’t you see my face?
Why must I die in vain?

It’s not as easy as it looks
To smile and as you’re by the hooks
The fangs they seek into you
They want to rend you into two
But I refuse to let them past!
I refuse to let it last…

I’ll spread my arms real wide
And I’ll always hold you tight
Come and run with me
Oh darling…

Why does the sun refuse to glow?
Why does the moon never show…
When we need it the’s gone.
It’s painful to live on

On my own
In this horrid little home
A space crawling with fever
Hearts stricken by a cleaver

There’s blood on the walls
Splattering into familiar faces
The screams are so heart-rendering still
I watch them fight with all their will

Why isn’t it that easy anymore..
Just breathing is a dirty chore
I refuse to do
I’d rather save you
So come meet me
And you’ll love me
And you’ll know me
Then…maybe then…
You can show me who I am

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