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“If I’m going to die an old hag, I might as well die with some bad ass wings.”

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(WARNING: Blood and gore.)

The darkness had always been Mara’s calling. The Void that corrupted this once God fearing woman had never truly left. The Void had it’s sticky, diseased fingerprints all over her.

Claiming her.

Choosing her.

When the option of becoming something much more fulfilling then a plain human being, Mara visibly shook with desire. It was possible to be mortal and feed from the blood of her victims while complying with Gaia’s strict punishment.

A Nightshade; an assassin of the shadows. A creature with the powerful wings of a raven and the silent steps of death itself.

Mara had no idea what she was doing when she agreed to accompany Kazar Night into the back room late last evening. Would he kill her? Harm her at the very least? Was it for sex?

But, in the end, Kazar gave Mara what she had always wanted; freedom.

Mara watched the tiny Nymph skip merrily down the empty street with a basket of fruit cradled affectionately in one arm. Although naked, the young woman danced in circles singing beautifully to herself. Her curly auburn hair danced and flew with the momentum of her quick little feet as she danced without missing a beat. The winters breeze caressed her soft, succulent skin, blowing her scent right into Mara’s path.

The Nymph’s flower woven crown tumbled off her head as she frolicked down the street, taking no mind as it blew in the opposite direction. Mara’s sinister smile stretched across her face as she lurked in the shadows… waiting for the moment to strike.

“You dropped this…” Mara said, appearing within a shadow caused by a house several feet in front of the sweet little Nymph. Mara’s hand rose, holding the Nymph’s natural crown between two fingers.

“OH!… Hi! Um… thank you. I didn’t even notice it had fallen.” The Nymph smiled uneasily, stepping over to the far side of the road. She wrapped her thin arms around her body suddenly aware of the quietness around her. “You keep it! I bet it would look very pretty on you. Um… I have to go. Good night!”

She was so sweet. So kind and genuinely adorable… Mara actually had a sting of regret when she ripped through the innocent’s throat.

Mara’s entire form vanished from the deep shadow caused by the house and reformed in the shadow caused by the Nymphs lithe body. She didn’t even have time to root herself down before Mara’s newly acquired claws ripped through the warm flesh. Then, with all her might, Mara propelled the two of them high into the nights sky. Her wings pumped them higher into the inky atmosphere, leaving nothing but an anonymous pool of blood in the middle of the road.

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