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If Only He could see Me Now…

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I Followed the White coats down the large and narrow hallway, The screams and cries of forgotten madness filling every room as we headed up the million-flight staircase near the end of the hall, luckily, there was a bird-shaped cage that shifted when we stepped in it then went up after ringing a bell and stopped on every floor. I didn’t step off until the third floor, like every room, the floors were painted gold and the ceiling had that fresh-paint smell with the wooden-Arch you’d see in most churches… The Screams and cry’s for freedom grew cloudier and I only remained closed in to myself until I reached one of the middle glass cases near the end of the hall way, the room was a preserved masterpiece…A Cushioned room with only a man cornered in the room. His dark brown eyes met my Amber’s and a slow smile crept across my Lips.

“Ello’ Pa’” The Man cocked his head to the side, His lips pressed in a thin line and his dark brows formed into a cold-hearted frown, Bastard. He looked me over and I couldn’t hide the small smirk curling upon my lips. “Looks Like My son’s actually doing better shit in his life than wearing contacts…Has That bitch taunt you anything about being a man?” I love you too.

“Wouldn’t you like to know…?” He cocked a brow at my smart-ass response and I drew an imaginary 1-0scale in my head on my side.

“What are you doing here, Son?”

“What? Kid can’t go n’Visit his ol’man?” I Smirked and he gritted his teeth, I saw his look hardened,oh so un humorous he was…My own smirk faded and my voice went cold, more serious now as I spoke. “I want to know what Happened to Mum.” Suddenly his own expression changed, and unlike most widowed husbands his eyes lit up in the face of evil and to my surprise he laughed, I now felt my fist clenching at my sides. “/what’s/ so FUCKIN’ Funny!?” I snarled.

He shook his head with a smirk and tsked.

“You boy…You know what happened to your mum- you killed her remember, when you left.” “I didn’t /Kill/her.” I said, finding hard to keep the strength in my voice but even then I felt Tears try to work their way into my cold eyes.

“Because I didn’t leave. I was TAKEN.”

“Is that what you think?” “Huh?” “That you were drafted off because you were ‘The chosen one’ some sort of ‘Hero.’ The ‘new man of the house’?” Not even I could sound this childish, I found it hard to suppress my dumbfounded look, I gritted my teeth and balled my fist tight at my sides when I spoke,

“That IS what happened- was it not?” He chuckled and shook his head

“No Kid, It’s not.” And That Asshole was smirking.

It Was Another Late and Rainy Night, And though it only barley rained in Wonderland tonight was Dark and cloudy, I tried drowning my thoughts out by staring out of one eye out the clouded window that separated myself from the outside world. In the distance, the clouds were being lit by the sound of cannon fire, muffled by them and the window, I sighed and pulled back, huddling my knees against my chest.

“What do you want?”Growled my pa, jerking the door open with a half-finished bottle of beer clenched in his hand. There stood the order of laws and rules themselves,Heavily armed card knights with faces hidden behind metal mask only allowing you to see the reds of their eyes…They wielded long red spears with heart shaped ends.

“Mr. Hightopp,we are here by dispatched by the queen’s authorities to gather at least one of four homes within the rages of your village to the white queen’s kingdom…if you’d beso kind to cooperate this would be very easy on us both…” The guard said after reading off a roll of paper. He frowned and lowered his eyes to the paper just as mum walked out of the kitchen, wiping her hands down on an apron, my younger sister peeking in from behind the arch from her game with our older brother

“Honey what is it?”Her voice was soft; a million angels came to visit when she spoke.

“Nothing, get back in the kitchen” His voice scared away those angels.

“Sir, Will we have to get one ourselves?”

“Who are you looking for?” My Father snapped back, turning his attention back on the guards.

“The oldest son. We heard he was highly skilled in hunting, device works…survival…Just what we need”

“Whoa, Whoa, Now hang on just a damn minute…you can’t Just come in here and take away the next man of the house.”

“We have a permit saying we can…It’s either that or your second best…The Female…” He guard pointed in and his granules pointed straight at Piper. My Father again protested shaking his head. “

It’s a no deal, she is also skilled yes but she is not leaving the house…besides, she’s too young. The youngest and untrained for this work-“

“We can provide that…”

“Look.” There was the longest of pause in his voice, his eyes reached my mum’s again as he turned to look at her, he frowned and sighed as he stepped outside with the men and nodded them aside, they looked at each other speciously and followed.

“Then what?!” I snarled, determined to know the whole story now that he’s paused in mid-sentence, he rolled his eyes “Andy, you can’t just.” “TELL ME NOW!” I snapped, slamming my fist against the glass, and how-be-damned, I saw him flinch. He smirked and shook his head, then went on

“I sold you.” What?!

“Look…I’ve got another boy…He’s a bit younger than the older one…Bit older than the female…”

“Can He fight?” The guard asked, as if raising a brow curiously from under his mask…Dad chuckled inhis head seeing he’d grabbed their attention, now to keep it…He hesitated

“Yes…But, you said you’d train…”

“To a Certain extent…Mr. Hightopp.” The guard spoke Firmly.

“I Know…And he’s great yeah, I mean…I send him out with his brother all the time…real energetic…fist of steel…caught a rabbit once to- with…Hunter’s help…”

“What are you proposing Mr. high-topp?” The guard asked, seeming unamused…’Dad’ sighed, then dug in his pockets until he found enough gold…The left over money from Mum’s ring…Maybe that too if he got his hands on it for long enough…The guards exchanged each other funny looks then the one cleared his throat with a sigh turning back to him.

“Mind we take a look at him?”

“No Sir…” He gestured them back inside…By then I was already at the top of the wooden steps, hidden by the shadows of my bedroom door, My wide brown eyes fixed on the door as the guards and my father came back in…I could feel my legs wanting to tremble, but I bit my lip and sucked it up like a good little boy…I didn’t want to get hit, But when I saw mum and the others they looked nervous

“There he is now!” My father announced, gesturing at me like I was the best damn Prize in the world,My eyes widened and my head flickered in their direction, He shot a warm smile and waved an arm for me to come down.

“Jeb?” That was his nickname; mum called him…it- us. She looked concerned…that worried me, she only looked concern when she knew we were hurt or something was wrong, but I did as I was told and slowly stepped down one creaky step after the other, both hands clinging to the stairway, all eyes on me.

“You’ll have to excuse him…” My Father grinned, pulling me in, I flinched as he took me under his arm and ruffled my hair ‘playfully’

“He’s a bit shy…” I felt the disappointment in his voice and I lowered my head- guilty, my dark bangs hid the bruise over my eye and I shrugged.

“Dad?” I looked up at him, his rub at the back of my neck hardened, I could smell the alcohol on his breath, all the way down here… “This is it?” The man growled, looking down at pathetic little ol’ me. I tried to smile…but it made my swollen lip hurt so I didn’t, and I swallowed…who were they? My eyes fell to mum questioning, she looked scared now, clinging to Piper now by her side- what was wrong? Why were they were? What were they doing? “Mum?” I whimpered.

“This is him, you’re new solider…” what? I turned and looked at him, ready to protest but he crouched down in front of me, I flinched…This was the time you looked up to your father, he’d give you that reassuring smile, tell you everything would be alright and pat your back…but not him, that was the attitude I expected from mum…

“Shut your trap…Go with the nice men, don’t refuse, say nothing and do as they tell you.” He growled, and for the first time I pulled away refusing, shaking my head in resistance, He couldn’t hit me- with witnesses around, at least I hoped not.

“No! What? You can’t!Please Pa! I’ll be good! I swear! I’ll….I’ll eat my scraps, I’ll- Stop rough-housing with Pipe’…Clean the house, I’ll- I’ll hunt with Hunter, Like you wanted me to!”

I grabbed his coat with tears I couldn’t stop, I hated this life- I did…but it was all I had…all I knew- I couldn’t let them take that…not these guys- not these men but when I looked up at Dad for reassurance he was glaring at me…Pissed because I refused.I shook my head as he scolded

“Goodbye Son.” And before I could protest the guards were grabbing me by each arm, hauling me through the front door, I kicked, squirmed, bit-bleed…the taste of metal on my tongue I spit- these asshole’s were made of metal

“Mum!” I screamed,kicking, She ran to the door but I was already being dragged through the grass towards the black and red carriage looking device- for prisons, for me.

“Andrew!” she cried, I could see Piper cowering, Hunter staring and my dad as well…A blank but grim expression; help me? Why wouldn’t they help me… I finally stopped fighting after one of them hit me…I was hauled into the back of the carriage, the men jumped in and as we started off I banged my fist on the window, dirty- both it and my face staring at them; wide eyed…afraid- hurt…Please-…..change your mind…I’ll be good…I swear- Mum? She was crying…She barley cried, and when she did, it wasn’t in public not in front of us…I never saw her this bad…she was clinging to her other children watching them pull me away, Dad consoling her-that glare on me as The carriage disappeared into the darkness…The village in flames.

I Stared at him, my orange tinted eyes wide, my mouth agape showing off every curved fang from the front to the back of my mouth, completely shocked…Tears burned, I couldn’t hold those back as he finished…That fuckin’ asshole was still smiling…I was seconds from BURSTING into FLAMES…No words came out, my jaw clenched tight so hard I thought I’d lose my teeth. “Your mother lied in bed for days after that…I don’t know what she saw in you…” He smirked.

“I still don’t see it.” I was silent, My Face burned with rage now.

“What? You gunna’ Kill me now?” He smiled, I found words, and my face hardened again, the tears left and my claws bared into my palms. I melted from my body like a SHADOW dripping off my bones, that shadow slunk under the iron door separating me and this fucker,and the greatest expression filled his face as I formed in front of him, my eyes burning with rage-hatred-revenge. I Slipped a Long, curved Tree-knife out from its case from behind my Back and bared my Fangs, hungry for blood…For this- thing in front of me.

“Now Son…Look, I know what your thinking- but you couldn’t you wouldn’t kill me- I’m your father-I…GUARDS!” He was shouting, a crooked grin appeared on my lips, every emotion at that point, if any left sunk out of my heart turning it to coal and I Lunged at him. Screaming filled the cell; My Blade slowly dragged over his neck first, making a slicing sound until he was gagging-still alive as I snapped his neck and tore into him like any other, Like a Wild animal…Aren’t you Proud Pa? Isn’t this what you wanted? This is what they did to me- This is what they made me! The screaming was muffled and outside of the large doors that separated the glass filled with blood now…The white room painted in blood.. Don’t sympathize…He deserved it…They all did.

There was a thunder-crack sinking that Large pointed Pike Into his skull that night, the freezing rain drenched my entire outfit…The Queen was pleased, let me put it outside too…At Least someone was Happy- That was…Before hers went out right next to it.

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  1. Danielle Redmayne 7 years ago

    I love you Michelle. You’ll always be my Birdy.<333 I know it’s just hard sometimes….

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