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I’ll be back soon.. (OOC)

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To my luck, florence didn’t hit my house as bad as i thought it would. All we lost was a few shingles.


As of right now, im stuck with mobile, meaning, I can’t write blogs as much as i’d like, and being online in general just sucks. So, until the roads back into Wilmington open up, (and when my computer is set back up), I won’t be online. Just a week or two more, and I’ll be back in buisness.

In terms of what im going to do for my characters, im planning on being more public, rather than just stick to blogs and RPs with Desmond and his other characters.

Oh, another thing, the wifi here sucks. Ive been going off Desmond’s hotspots for a while now.. (Ill explain later on if you ask.). 

Well, cya in a week or so.

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