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I’m Broken.

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Lily’s asleep. Good. Zoey can now go outside with out Lily following. Zoey can go out for that well deserved walk. She’s been up for hours, waiting for that midnight air to come in. She’s pulled on a black and white jacket, a pair of jeans, and white pair of flip-flops. She isn’t going out anywhere, so.. They work for what she’s using them for.

As she steps out of the bunker that Vietnow has become, and as she pulls her hair up into a pony tail, she takes in a deep breath of that midnight air she’s come out for here for. 

As she begins her walk, she finds herself in the upper portions of Persistence. Did she teleport without consciously doing it..? Ah, who knows. She just sighs and enjoys the not so burned down scenery.

She lets her mind go into some form of a trance, entirely enticed by her own mental state of being. Maybe it’s the gas. Maybe it’s the plague. Maybe it’s just the fact she was already broken. Maybe she’s been living her whole life insane. Maybe that’s why she does what she does. Maybe. Maybe…

…Maybe it’s just human nature.. Insanity. Maybe everyone’s insane, but everyone ignores it and only truly notices when it gets out of hand. Yeah. That sounds about right. Right now, the world is just showing the people that they are all broken. Maybe. Maybe…



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