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I’m Here

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They thought I was gone. They all thought I was gone. But that was all wrong. I never left. I was always here. Watching. Waiting. Seeking. Even the one thing we all can’t do…….. Killing. I always thought that I was done with purgatory. But no. I’m still here. 

Ever felt like there’s an end to everything in life. Well, I beg to differ. My life ended centuries ago and I’m still here. I don’t know what I have to do. But then a void came and took me. It used me. Then the void was defeated. I thought I was free. 

But something is wrong with me……..

I’m not myself anymore. I need help. I need my family. And don’t say that there’s going to be a happily ever after for me. There never will be. But be prepared. 

I’ve planned something special just for you…….


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