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I’m not the only one

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I’m still on my journey to find out why I’m still here. That’s until I found someone like me. She was a little girl alone and cold. As I move closer, I saw her tail and ears with those feline eyes. At first she was frighten of me. I held my hand to her and said, “Don’t be afraid. I’m here to help you.” She hesitated then grabbed my hand. Her chilling skin was as cold as ice. I gave her my coat and said in a gentle voice, “You are not alone. You are like me.” I took her to my home and put her to bed. She thanked me for saving her then fell asleep. I say next to her bed and watched her. I knew was was a Haunter. This made me think: are there others like me? So I began searching for those that are lost in both the world and reality. I sent this message to show those that are lost that they are not alone. If you are those lost ones, then come find me. I’ll try to help you find yourself.


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