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An immortal soul. A creature which has no set race throughout its entire existence, it only takes on the attributes of the body into which it is implanted for the time, and it can be continuously implanted over and over until it chooses to have a true death.

How such a creature is implanted is by finding a new host and waiting for an untimely death, due to some weird cause that would kill the soul but leave the body intact. It’s commonly known today as a “Miraculous brush death.” Most such cases are truly just dying bodies being given a new soul to stay alive. The bodies keep their physical memories so that the soul can live as the old soul had, but they are not the same on the inside, they are brand new.

The only way to kill a soul like this is to implant it into a fetus before it is assigned a soul, then the soul dies with the body in that life.

Immortality is a cruel mistress however, and more often then not a soul such as this will choose to finally be born anew so to die once and for all, unable to withstand the test of time any longer.

The soul residing within the body known as Alexander Zagurian is one such soul. It was implanted into the body the moment that the angel Nithael, whose body it is inhabiting, fell from on high. The fall killed the original soul and gave the new soul the perfect opportunity to reside within the body. And, like many others before it, it too chose death….The only difference is, it found a way to reverse that choice later.

Eight lifetimes ago in the souls count, it was implanted into the fetus of a woman and born a full blown human, pure and untainted yet a sinner at birth. Born only to finally get to die. However; as fate would have it, in this life the soul found its true match, its soulmate, in the form of a young woman named Amelie Zagurian. This was when the body was exactly 25 years of age. The soul could immediately tell that in this woman laid something secret she never shared with him, she too would be reborn. This made the soul yearn once more for immortality, and it knew just what to do when the time came.

One day, as fate would have it, the body was destroyed by the father of its true love for being human and the soul was set for death; but it wasnt ready. It knew the routine.

You die, a reaper (Usually a lower ranking one) comes to take the soul. If your soul was important you get a higher ranking one, and if your soul is immortal and you have chosen true death, Azrael, the Angel of Death, comes in person to lead you on for the last time.

The moment Azrael showed the soul presented itself and begged for mercy, for another chance at immortality. It told of Amelie and how it realized the mistake of its choice. Azrael has ties to this woman and her plight, so he granted the soul another chance, with a few strings attached of course.

1) The first born of this soul and his soulmate would be pledged into Azrael’s service. Unknown to either the soul or to Amelie, this was to happen of its own accord.

2) Both were pledged silence on all matters of the deals until they became known of their own accord, which has happened by the truth behind Alea’s birth finally being revealed.

3) The next time the soul asked for mortality, there was no going back. This was it, it was either immortality or death as the choice in every life. No more being born new. It was forced to forever be a visitor within the body of another.

4) It would be given a body with which to find its mate after eight lifetimes. In between those two, it must work for Azrael as a lower ranking reaper until he was satisfied.

All of these have now been met and the third is still on going. This is the truth behind the existence of Alexander Zagurian. This is the truth behind his rebirth and the power he has acquired, for in each life the soul remembers the powers from its previous life. This is how the creature known as Alexander Zagurian has come to have the power which it possesses today.

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