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In response to The Combine.

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Iris Bloodmoon the representative of the planet Esgaia II and Anna Solo the Representative of the Planet Crimsonian  appear before the podium to make their announcement. Iris: ” Dear armada of the Combine we saw your announcements about your intent on colonizing other planets. The planets Crimsonian and Esgaia II will be off limits to you. ” Anna : ” But we have also learned that one of our allies are letting you establish your satelites so that they can communicate with others in the Pact. We will allow this as long as it does not interfere with our own satalites. ” Iris: “I do hope you respect our wishes and decide to leave these two planets alone.  We will be waiting for your response on this. ” Iris and Anna’s appearance disappear from the screens


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    1. -=(Incoming transmission)=- “Hello, this is Amelia Fractis, Administrator of the Combine’s Dimension 7, Hellifyno, based presence. We’ll make sure to leave your colonies and satellites alone. We’ve got no intentions on causing harm to pre-existing settlements, and or colonies.”

    2. Dragon Teers 9 months ago


    3. Fire Xorel (+ Others) 9 months ago

      These transmission have been recorded and put into the StarForce Database.

    4. Author

      ” Thank You. May your journey be fruitful and Pray to be, your father is found.” Iris says in a transmission. The transmissions the Starforce receive corrupt cause the transmission was not for them to have and if they continue to spy and record transmission, will be the downfall of their systems.

    5. Castor Hadley 9 months ago

      Recording Of The Transmission as been blocked by JB1C Encryption Protocols

      Recording Of Any Alpha Stehowla Transmission is in voilation of the rules of The Capital and The Soulhelm Pact.

      The StarForce Organization is hereby banned from the Galaxy and Interreacting with any of its inhabitants

    6. S . D .(Tiamat) 9 months ago

      Sd appears from the darkness in a swirling cloud of blackened hell flames billowing clouded smoke around her lavender hues dancing with the moonlight sharded tiny diamonds glinting from her porcelain alabaster skin. She did not know where she was or cared all she cared about and loved was her children, angry at the blood moons for taking genesis blood moon away and especially at Sephiroth blood moon raging with this man. SD never liked to have anything to do with anyone but she had no choice now, her mood was a protective mother. Floating mid air politely with much respect but raging anger inside growing worried for her beloved child. “Sephiroth Blood moon, I’m very annoyed with you and angry where is my child genesis I want him back with me on earth plus my twin son’s they were on this eos whatever its called with there father, please return my children”, then the young girl turned vanishes into nothing, she was a daughter of Zeus and Aphrodite with the ultra hybrid power from hells realm itself her family were lucifer mornistar and the thousands of demonic Infernal armies, sd was normally very quiet but now she wasn’t something to be taken likely, angry and hurt. “return my children to me.”

    7. Author

      Genesis appears before his mother. Still looking at the age of 18 but looking more mature than an 18-year-old ” What if we don’t want to go to earth mother? Do you ever think of what we want or is it only what you want, I mean I want to get with someone so does Briven and Mordecai. I know you’re trying to be protective of us mother but at the same time, you are pushing us away with your overprotectiveness. Your rules are too strict. I know hearing this will be hurtful and will anger you but this has nothing to do with our fathers, Briven, Mordecai, and I decided this on our own. So taking it out on our fathers will only push us further away from you, mother. You need to think more rationally about how your actions affect others around you. We love you mom, it’s just that we want to do things without you getting upset over it. It makes us hate ourselves and our lives and really makes us think why should we be alive when every action that we want to do, upset you. And if you disown us because of this decision, it will be seen as a childish action of someone not getting their way. I am sorry Mother but you need to open your eyes. No one is out to control you and you keep preaching that you are your own person but you won’t even let your children grow to be their own person. How fair is that? I am a council member so I just can’t leave my job and same with Briven and Mordecai, they love their jobs as instructors of a school. Now I am going to give you some time to think about my words.and see if you still want to tear us away from this life. We will come to a visit but you need to let us live our lives.” Genesis says as Briven and Mordecai were on either side of him.

    8. S . D .(Tiamat) 9 months ago

      SD raised her eyebrows at all three amused by there little boyish rant ,then “oh ,so your kind enough to give me time to think about things, how sweet of you quite a man you’ve turned out to be and all three of you standing there together makes my ice cold heart bleed ,not a word did I receive to indicate in the past year what you were doing as a mother would I came searching for you three to find three jumped up little boys , all I wanted was to know you were safe Lazarus talks about you all ,now your giving me time to think, my.. Hasn’t a bit of power gone to your little heads ,your my children I don’t care how old you are ,yea ,you must grow up and do what you want but you haven’t bother to contact me boy, so that is disrespectful, I’ve never come to search for all of you before but no word , your father could of informed me , I’m disappointed the level of respect you have for me that’s why I wanted you all on earth to lead a life not risk your lives , this is not good so don’t you dare give me a lecture about oh how we’re growing up ,if you can’t tell me what’s going on who are the biggest kids genesis after your sermon about giving me time .I only want was is best I don’t want any of you harmed you know I would kill to protect all of you from danger ,it’s called being a mother who love’s and care’s.But if you chose to do as you please I will not stop you after all apparently your all men .I have no intention of disowning any of you ,your my children .But I’m very angry at no communication and angry that you haven’t been home also with sephiroth for not having the decency to let me know ,it’s called politeness something maybe you don’t have .you are my son’s that is it .” ,with that SD laughs finding there outburst amusing vanishes into nothing ,” don’t forget where you come from “

    9. Author

      ” You were told by Gilver and Uncle Noctis that we were safe. Yet you blame our fathers and getting upset at them for keeping us safe. we are not in danger at all. If we were you would have been notified. We chose the jobs that would keep us out of danger to obey your wishes, but not even that is enough to keep you happy. ” Genesis was getting angry ” That is your problem you can’t see us as men only as little boys. Yes to give you time to think on your words and to possibly see how overprotective that you are. Sometimes being overprotective can push loved ones away from one who is overprotective. How are we to learn if we can’t make our own decisions or mistakes when you won’t let us do anything. You say you want what is best but do you really know what is best? I mean you do have a very unstable temper and a dragon to match it. From what I remember it almost put Mordecai in danger because you couldn’t control it. And you talk about respect… Do you know even the meaning of that word mother? Have you shown respect or even shown it to others to maybe let us learn? Father has I know that much. He was busy mother. Of course, you are not number one on his to-do list during the war with Bright and establishing everyone on a new planet. Oh, politeness hmm yeah you seem to use these words mother but do you really know their meaning or even utilize them properly yourself? Like your anger against my father and Rhaegar are uncalled for because they have done nothing wrong like always but you always make them look like they are the bad guys. And you don’t even see yourself doing that to them as wrong. Does tearing down father or Rhaegar make you feel powerful? If it does it is called having narcissistic behavior. I gave you time to maybe think about your anger towards father or Rhaegar to see if you are in the right to be angry at them. But what you have shown me mother is that only you are right and that only you can protect us. You are not seeing or even listening to what I am saying. You just think that I am being impolite and being disrespectful when I am just telling you knowledge that I took in a Behavior Dynamics class that I was top in the class. ” Genesis says sighing as she disappeared. ” Yeah I know where I come from and I come from both sides and not just one. ” He says as he and his brother disappear from sight

    10. S . D .(Tiamat) 9 months ago

      As sd vanishes, all is quiet, “In time I will not let this rest, insolent child. Your my children grown up or not.”, sd vanishes to go back to her son lazarus brother to Briven and Mordecai and genesis.

    11. Fire Xorel (+ Others) 9 months ago

      The satellites that have recorded the transmissions automatically inspect each transmission and eliminate any corruption and/or viruses before transferring over to the StarForce Alliance Headquarters. This imbedded code and these satellites are only for the security and safety of other populated worlds (Seriously, they aren’t used to spy).

    12. Fire Xorel (+ Others) 9 months ago

      After transfer and further inspection, the transmissions were later filed as harmless, even though they came with corrupted data. The StarForce Database has about 86 trillion files, transferred over by 156 billion satellites across the universe.

    13. The satellites were still blocked with the code that Illy had put on them and the files were still not transfered at all. ( No permission before hand you cannot steal other peoples info nor force your way into their rps so please stop or you will be reported. )

    14. Fire Xorel (+ Others) 9 months ago

      Okay. I would like to state that this is getting worse than it needs to be! I clearly stated that the “recorded” transmissions were noted as harmless and are utterly useless to my organization. Yet, it is mandatory by the systems to send them to the HQ. Things that are recorded do not get released to any sort of publicity, noting that it’s the messengers’ privacy and remain private! This will be the LAST MESSAGE sent by me and your privacy will no longer be “invaded”. I will gladly remove the message from our database to ensure your privacy is SAFE.

      This went in a different direction than that of I intended. I intended this to be friendly! My organization is a friendly entity, not an enemy.

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