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In Response to War!


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  1. Willow Moore 8 months ago

    “Then War it is, The Settlements Of Cadzenziera and There Off Allies will be crushed and everything that Jasmine Skymoon and her ancestors have worked for WILL DIE”

  2. Holly Spidercrab 8 months ago

    “Cybren Empire, you have the aid of Evel Hell’s and The Capital Of Cadzenziera. The Commutations channel has been opened for further communication with us”

    • Yeliana Hageshi 8 months ago

      “Count the aid of Hagistead in as-well! My apologies for this unforeseen event occurring”

      • Illy Hadley 8 months ago

        *Jadia Bay and Hopeswind just have agreed to aid Cybren if the Fallen Empire attacks*

        • Gold Everston X Kyle 8 months ago

          “Kaylee Shores and The Republic Of Everton add There aid aswell as anyone who hasn’t said it yet”

  3. “As always, Cybern, you have the aid of the GSE. We will assist as we can.”

  4. “The Shadowglaives and the Eos-Gaian armies of the royal Bloodmoon family are also ready and aware to back up the Cybren.”

  5. You have the assistance of myself and the shinobi that serve under me. If you wish to use me and my shinobi send someone to speak in person.

  6. Akuma ||GSE Empress|| 8 months ago

    I will give mercy to any prisoners taken, because that is the way I am. If anyone has a problem with my methods than you can ignore my actions.

  7. Due to unforeseen circumstances I withdraw my support. My forces and myself will be returning to our city and will not fight unless attacked. I apologize but I do what I must

  8. I wish to speak to the leaders of the ‘Hakaisuru Alliance’ publicly when possible. I propose a leader’s summit tomorrow

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