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In the Back Seat

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“I remember /everything/.”

How long did that last? Did Beranabus’ little ‘solution’ last for? Maybe a week. Maybe two. It didn’t last too long, but. It certainly lasted longer than Sinh had originally anticipated, sure.. but, what had happened?

Kirk. Whilst watching him fight a new threat that had come to the Captain’s life – Seph was caught in the crossfire. A deadly ‘crystal’ embedded into Seph’s neck. To some? It’d drain them. Destroy them. Perhaps even break their spirit before it broke their body – but to Seph? It was a ‘special’ effect. Why? No, not because he’s some special person. It was made for him, in a sense. Sure, using it on Kirk would work – but a certain ‘Truth’ came to mind when the creation of this crystal was made.

It’s odd. Seph’s still there. But there’s.. now Sinh. Too. It’s weird. Right?

Really weird.

And it shows how often things can change for him – even if he didn’t want them to change. By now, the people who know Sinh’s story must be thinking, ‘oh, okay, again then’. Well, it just happens.

The only constant is change.

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