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In The End: The Jedi Light (Ashla), – (Present Day) – 2172

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Captains Job is Never Done.

Death. Resurrection.

Forgetting past mistakes.

Remembering who you are?

Learning from what didn’t work.

Moving onto Strange New Worlds. 

Strange New Worlds.

Going Where No One Has Gone Before.

Facing AND Re-facing My Inevitable Death. 

In Front of My Family. My Crew. My Friends.

Kara & Kara. Diana Prince. Steve Trevor.

My Primary Crew.

My New-Born Son.

Tiberius Karlex Kirk.


In The End: 

It was Evil-Kirk – Not The Virus, who Destroyed Me. 

In The End:

It was Palpatine – Not The Empire, who Destroyed Me. 

In The End: 

It Was My Wife – Her Intuition/Love, that Resurrected Me.

In The End:

It Was Kara’s Will – Her Sunshine, that Resurrected Me.

In The End:

It was Diana & Steve – Their Determination, that Resurrected Me. 

In The End:

It was My Crew – Their Bold Predictions, that Resurrected Me.

In The End: 

It was Valerie Natsu – Who Reminded Me, that We Are All Soldiers, that We Are All Broken, that We Are ALL Capable of Being Mended, and that – Resurrected Me.

In The End:

It was Briareos/Karl – Who Gave My Son Hope, that Resurrected Me.

In The End:

It was My Son – Who Needs The Jedi Light, that Resurrected Me.



Most of Which, I couldn’t remember…

Most of Which, I was sick in bed, for a number of weeks..

Twenty-Five-Days – Gone From My Family, My Friends, My Allies.

Twenty-Five-Days – Lost To The Under-Currents Of This Constant War. 

In The End: 

It was Kida Le Morte – Who Returned My Memory, that Resurrected Me.


In The End:

It was My Allies – Who Returned Me to My Family, that Resurrected Me.

My Allies, who have YET to show their faces – that are still fighting these Infinite Wars, that are Not Within My Reach, – But Will Be, Within The Very Near Future…



The Jedi Light. 

The Light Side Of The Force. 

It was Reinforced…

After My Death…

Now? There’s Only Our Future…

Your Things. My Things. Our Things. 


There’s Only…

My Crew…

My Allies. 

My Friends.

A New Future…

A New Life…

On The Higher Ground…

By The Jedi Light…



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    1. Zoey 3 years ago

      biggest crossover i’ve ever seen in my entire 16 years of living.

    2. Valerie Natsu(+Others) 3 years ago

      I love this blog. <3

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