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information that kills

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I finally found some information that could help me with my ultimate goal. I was supposed to meet with my contact on the highway but he was late. I waited an hour at the meeting place. Still no show. I had a bad feeling and was about to leave when I saw him. He was walking quite fast toward me. I step toward him then I felt that feeling again. I look at him and noticed that he was looking back and forth and stop about six steps short of me. “What are you doing” I ask confused. He looks at me then exclaims “I’ve had a better offer.” I start getting scared and looking around. “What do you mean” I say. Right then I feels a blade stab in to my side. I scream in pain as I flip around to see my assailant and was shocked at the sight. An assassin of the old order had attacked me. I reach for one of my blades as he stabs me again in the stomach this time and stabbed three times before I collapse on the ground and watch the assailants run leaving me to die. I need to find a healer.

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  1. Mina Stark 9 years ago

    Ryu took her chin in his hand and kissed her, softly and sweetly and Mina melted into it. Then he kissed her a second time, repeating the gentle, shiver inducing brush of tongue on fangs. The third time was a shockingly forceful kiss and he raked his tongue over her fangs. Blood poured from the deep wound, and she tried to pull away, but it was too late, his blood pooled in her mouth and she gave him a pained looked with her ordered her to not swallow. The rate of her breathing increased and she held his gaze, trembling as he ran his jewel toned claws down her throat tenderly.

    Mina gave a small, soft whimper as the bloodlust choked her, his taste was what she imagined magic tasted like, it was tingling and sweet and tasted like sunshine and starshine all at once. She nodded as he made his point, no vampire even one as old as she was a match for a dragon or a drakyn, and though Mina had not forgotten that she had, in a way, underestimated Ryu’s awareness. Tears welled in her eyes as her throat closed in complaint over her not swallowing the blood in her mouth, and she pleaded with her eyes, trying to show that she both understood what he was telling her and the point he was trying to make.

    Finally, he gave the command for her to swallow, and with a soft cry, she did. It was like liquid heat heating her. Every part of her body became warm and felt as if she was glowing, Mina tilted her head to one side and just… felt. The warmth, the joy, the magic of her love’s blood. He snapped his fingers and she brought her violet eyes back to his heterochromic gaze. He spoke and she smiled softly, wrapping her arms around his neck and hooking her leg around his waist.  “You’re safe with me, darlin’. As perfect and delicious as you are, I still have three hundred years of control to fall back on.” She sighed and nuzzled his check. “Your little punishment, has me needing to feed again to satisfy the bloodlust. Shall we go find another hunter, or perhaps a whole camp of them?”

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