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”this marks a new day in the Norse history. The birth of a new born baby. A daughter of Odin and freya. A sister  to me and Loki.” Thor said as the Norse gods sat in the throne room of the Asgardian main palace. The Norse gods and goddess cheer and clap at the birth of a new goddess. Freya and Odin sat on the before the other gods and goddess, the seat were found behind the crib as they were get ready to start to gift giving, the blessing that the baby would receive.  “Today we all gather here with gifts for the baby…. to help it grow strong and encourage its power to be godly among others. We will start with Ingrids parents.” Thor announced. The crowed whisper as they quietly talked about the babes name. “Ingrid….. Ingrid?….. Such a beautiful name.” The voices of the gods came and went. Then the room fell silent as freya and Odin got up and were about to start the gifting. “Well to start this off…. I bless my daughter with beauty that her beauty doesn’t fail throughout her godly years. My second blessing is magic…. her magic will be the be all, a strength that she carries with her and a help when she’s  or anyone else is in trouble.” Freya said and gave more blessing and then took a seat once she was done. Next up was Odin himself . The gods and goddess leaned in for the next part as all eyes were glued to the powerful god. “My blessing to you is some of my own powers. The power to move things with your mind, pick up things that normal immortals or mortal wouldn’t be able to. And one thing that I know you have inherited from be is my force or rather called the Odin force. It’s something thor has himself.” The god continues and then after a moment or so walked back to his seat and sat down. “Now that freya and Odin have given there gifts. It’s up to everyone else but please one at a time.” Thor said with a little bit of chuckle. The time past and gods and goddess of different things stood and gave there gifts. Meanwhile Loki sat in the back. He wore jealously on his face as he had never been treated like this. He always did hate having his siblings come first before him. Although he was jealous, he had a smirk on his face as he had already had a plan to ruin the godlings big day. “Thank you njoror…” Thor said but was instantly cut off but the sound of a dragons roar. “Fafnir…” Odin said under his breath as freya looked quickly towards Odin. “I thought you said that fafnir was killed. You know slain. In truth I thought he was dead to. This must be some…” Freya was about to say the last of her sentence but Loki quickly cut her off. “Magic? Oh yes it is magic. You know Odin you really should stop sleeping with people who aren’t you wife. Frigg help me awake fafnir from his sleep of death under one condition. That he took friggs place in gift giving. So you see fafnir was invited her and well he now has a chance to give a gift or rather a curse to that evil child.” Loki said with a laugh. Thor frowned “you… frigg would never help you. By hel…” before Thor could say another word the door blows up and a dwarf walks in. Ingrid was about now crying in the crib at all of the mayhem “silents…” fafnir yelled and the gods and goddess went silent. “The baby is crying.” Fafnir said with a evil grin.  


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