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Inner Conflict

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As I sit in the tavern, day to day, as i watch those that i hate, love, and generally don’t care enough about to worry over, i wonder.

Daloki says that there is still a goodness inside of me, which there may well be. Why else would I hold so tight to Iris, my wife, and my kids and Gazelle, my lover, and Daloki herself? Even Elexin, however disappointed in me or different he may be, still holds a place in my heart. But for how much longer? Yes, I’m a sick, sadistic, cold-hearted menace to society, but I cant argue with the fact that I have a softer side that not many see.

But…people mistake my maliciousness for a front. This is not the case…Those that do so from now on will be swiftly dealt with from now on. I’ve decided that those who don’t believe that I’m as ruthless as i seem, will be shown my more dangerous persona…I’ve fought tirelessly to contain it, but since this world hasn’t been its host for the longest time, i thing its about time i started bringing him back around for a change, i figure i could control him better now….It’s time for the return of the Rampage.

My caring nature doesn’t apply to everyone. Just the selected few that either love me no matter what i choose to do with my life or those that I know I cant count on. But the very next time I’m set off, I promise…I’ll go all out. Pull out all the stops, unleash my feral state.

And as Daloki might say, it wouldn’t change the fact that i still have a warm beating heart, but as I would say, my heart doesn’t have to be black to kill.

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  1. Laryka Dior 10 years ago

    “What if a demon were to creep after you one night, in your loneliest loneliness, and say, ‘This life which you live must be lived by you once again and innumerable times more; and every pain and joy and thought and sigh must come again to you, all in the same sequence. The eternal hourglass will again and again be turned and you with it, dust of the dust!’ Would you throw yourself down and gnash your teeth and curse that demon? Or would you answer, ‘Never have I heard anything more divine’?”

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