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Interstellar Broadcast Intercepted. Source Unknown. Speaker: Leonard Malcolm Cross

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Originally posted October 6, 2009 at 3:00am 

Interstellar broadcast sent out on all frequencies. Source unknown. Speaker, Leonard Malcolm Cross AKA “The Slayer”

“In the five years since Humanities Hope landed on our planet, we have grown strong. I have reached out to our people across the galaxy through this broadcast, and have been able to inspire the greatest of us to the service of their fellow humans. Today we have grown into an organization in the millions, a collective of strong, passionate, brave individuals that refuses to let their people disappear into the midnight of history.”

“I don’t do this for myself. I don’t even do it for my deceased wife, or for the family that was taken from me by those monstrous beasts. They are in my heart always, but I do not do this for them. I don’t even do this for you, the millions of homo-sapiens that are spread out across the galaxy like so many fireflies.”

“No, I do this for your children. I do this for the unborn generations to come. I do this to secure the future for our species. War is coming. Whether we like it or not the drums of battle will beat on, and eventually, one group will arise above the rest to dominate life in the known universe.”

“I strive each day to ensure that when that time comes, that it will be humanity, my people that are the rulers, not the slaves. I work so that we do not have to fear a future of being annihilated by filthy creatures unworthy of the gift of life.”

“The future of the human species is too important to leave up to chance. We have to unite, now, while we are still strong. We must attack first, while the initiative is ours. We must show our strength, in order to become stronger. We are humanity. They will fear us. They will fall before us.”


End broadcast

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