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Intimate Stranger Pt. 2

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     Irena’s breaths quickened in fear, but she pushed to calm them. She couldn’t pretend that if she didn’t let herself show fear he wouldn’t sense it. It was her mind; she couldn’t hide things from her wild imagination. Very wild imagination at that, so it was really just useless to not stare up at those deadly eyes and feel an immense sense of guilt and sickness of things she had done under this corrupt Zagurian.

     Lexiconus had never possessed her, only influenced when she was at a weak point. Irena supposed a part of her had never really gotten over this fact. Was that why she was here? The man before he smirked suddenly, speaking to make her focus “You stand there as if my touch revolts you, not as if anything was ever done” the simplicity of his tone made her skin crawl. He was right, he’d never beaten her or touched her sexually; it was the way he’d messed with his mind that made her so disturbed.

     Irena would normally spew out a round of insults, but it was hard to breathe again. This man vibrated depravity, chaos, and death. It made the demoness want nothing but to curl up and scream her head off; hoping his ears would fall off from the sonic boom that would follow. Lexiconus’s smirk grew wider as his hand slipped from her chin to hold at her throat, thumb tracing the white scar; the scar she’d inflicted upon herself.

    The scar she felt had started the whole problem.

    “Don’t touch me” her words were broken, chewed out between clenched teeth. Of course her adoptive grandfather didn’t listen to her; just made sure he had a vice grip on her neck. “Dying of asphyxia sounds really good right now…” she again contemplated to herself. “If only, if only: eh?” Lexiconus whispered cruelly; her imagination reading her thoughts easily. He took a step back and yanked her forward by her throat, only to twist her around and keep his hold at the back of her neck, free hand at her jaw. The message was clear: one wrong move and he’d break her.

    The wall was gone, now they stood in a very familiar throne room, a girl not much older than she had been dying. Her hair was a strawberry blonde, blood pouring from her mouth and several vicious wounds on her body; dress in tatters around her. Lexiconus released Irena and stepped back, when she looked down at herself she was in that forsaken armor; sword in hand. “Don’t make me do this…” her voice was weak and she hated it.

    She hated it because when she’d been fourteen there had been no objection. She willingly killed this nameless girl with strawberry blonde hair and cat green eyes. All for a misguided goal she’d never even achieved. Irena strained with all her might; hand shaking violently as the sword rose into the air. Still, the hilt did not leave her grip. “Stop it!” she growled now, looking for anyway to not kill this girl even as her other hand clasped the hilt of the sword as well. “NO!” Her protest sounded on deaf ears as the sickening sound of blade cleaving through flesh rose in the air.

    The girl’s head rolled to the floor, body dropping to one side as blood poured from the neck like a rushing river. Irena turned as quick as she could, rage and guilt tearing up every fiber of her being as she looked up Lexiconus with pure hatred. “You’re a killer Irena, a demon to be nothing but used and do as you’re told. You fight your darkness and it is useless. I knew how to exploit it then and even though I’m gone,” this whole time the monster had been walking towards her, hand latching around her jaw once more; leaning in close to drive his whispered point home. “Someone else will just exploit you like the worthless demon you are.”

    Absolute fury made Irena suddenly let out a shrill scream of defiance; one powerful enough to shatter glass. Her heart felt like it was on fire when she saw Lexiconus back up in shock. The burning sensation grew and as much as Irena hated fire; this burning felt fantastic. When it didn’t pause, the demoness took a moment to glance down at herself. Her armor was gone and the area where her heart rested was glowing powerfully. The glow pushed forward and the sound of a Phoenix’s cry sounded as the glow turned to a fiery bird that shot from her chest to the older Zagurian.

     Inferno, the animal Irena was sure had been her familiar; swept right through Lexiconus to disintegrate the monster. The throne room shifted to be filled with light; fire that didn’t scare her. She was in a meadow, at least that’s what Irena had glimpsed at before the fire surrounded and became her only sight. But instead of hyperventilating and going into shock; Irena only felt peace and warmth.

     Irena’s eyes snapped open to find she was indeed laying in a meadow; one not too far from her house. She sat up and looked around at the bright and sunny day; sure she’d fallen asleep from reading the book that’d been in her hand. When her eyes focused, Inferno was standing there as a normal red Phoenix that wasn’t on fire with intelligent golden eyes. She reached out to stroke his feathers gently; murmuring “You’re not my familiar at all; are you?” in response: Inferno only cawed and took off in one majestic swoop.        

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  1. Grayson 9 years ago

    Grayson nodded and stood, he needed to get back to the kitchens. “I’ll do it first thing tomorrow night. She can’t stay there, I agree. But… with your permission, I’d like to try and turn him after the Finial, we’d keep him on a leash, but maybe he can help us. He seems the type to only know how to take marching orders, perhaps we should be the ones giving them. Take away his choice in obeying and he might just fall back into a pattern. Particularly if we give him back his little…” Gray sneered, “darlings in the Twins and don’t treat them too awful.”

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