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Introducing: The RolePages Marketplace

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RolePages has just officially launched its new marketplace feature. This is a place where you can not only buy awesome RolePages and role playing gear, accessories, and art, but you can also sell it!

The way it works is that anyone can sign up to be a vendor, and sell anything they want (as long as it adheres to our terms of service) and your products will appear in the official RolePages store right next to items being sold by the owner of RolePages.

The main store is located here, where you can see all products from all vendors. The vendor page which is here, will show you the different sellers that have signed up. And for you to start selling you can click here and go through the simple sign up process. (Sellers will need to be approved, but once they are they can access the “store manager” through their profile.)

We are hoping that people get really creative and start selling all sorts of cool things. This includes art, such as custom character art, scene art, illustrations for short stories, blogs, and books, as well as custom maps made of cities and countries that you create. We are also encouraging the selling of physical products such as knitted items, dice bags, dice, toys, figurines, blankets and hats.

If you are a DM that regularly hosts adventures, we encourage you to set up a store so that you can take tips, or accept commissions for custom adventures. If you are someone that likes crafting tabletop games, you can sell those here as well. And authors? Your books, plays, and short stories are all welcome as virtual products!

We do ask that you not sell items that advertise other sites or that make use of copyrighted materials. There are a whole list of vendor terms of service that you can look at to see what is and is not allowed. And please note, a 10% commission is taken from all sales and used to fund the continued growth and existence of RolePages, the site, and the community.

We are hoping that this will be an amazing way for people to interact in a whole new way. Now our amazing artists, writers, and crafters can have a place to display their wares, and the members of our community will have a place to look for cool and custom RPG related items that can enhance their storytelling experience. 

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