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In an effort to unbog my page, I’ve decided to move my inventory here.

Current Equipment:

Main Hand: Mustang : Weapon Affinity: Darkness, Reflection, Counter

Weapon Sealed Description: The weapons edge is 48 inches in length, with the hit adding another six inches. It is composed of a hardened black wood, red sigils plastered all along the length of the weapon. On the hilt, there is an accelerator connecting to an engine built in underneath.

Weapon Release Description: There are two types of sigils along the weapon. One type is to reflect any energy it comes into contact with, sending it back from where its from. Few of them absorb energy, storing it within the weapon’s core. Revving the weapon captures energy, and after a certain amount of revving, it’s disbursed at triple the power. (Broken, possibly being repaired or replaced with a copy in the near future.)

Off-hand: Sally : Weapon Affinity: Light, Heat, Space

Weapon Sealed Description: The weapons blade is 48 inches in length, with the hilt adding another six inches. It is composed of a translucent green glass, with gears visible running through the body of the weapon and the name emblazed along the side. On the hilt, there is an accelerator connecting to a engine built in underneath.

Weapon Release Description: Once the weapon is reved, the gears turn and it quickly starts to capture light protons and rearrange them into Hard Light; filling the sword. The atomic structure of the hard light comes into contact with the glass and forces the blade into a hardness that increaseses with every rev. The heat byproduct is also used to coat the outside of the weapon, increasing its cutting potential with every rev.

Weapon Engine: The engine kicks in after five revs of absorbing light, and uses that massive amount of energy to ‘break’ the dimension around that swing in that moment of time. It causes a refraction of the strike to simultaneous slash in three mutually exclusive directions at the same time. (Not equipped.) 

Ranged: Epirus Bow – A powerful weapon forged from the Epirus tree, the bow is both magical and divine in nature. There is no need for physical arrows with the Epirus bow, for when the bowstring is pulled, a light-based arrow will be created and when fired will hit its mark with great concussive force. The arrows themselves are not subject to any laws of physics, as they seem to seek the users target. 

Head: ‘FLASH’ armor sunglasses. Similar to the ones worn by Cyclops, except it’s orange with Greek lettering on the outside. The inside has readouts for live measurements including vitals, motion detector, shield strength, and energy readings. The left leg of the glasses has an earpiece/microphone attached to allow communications. (She doesn’t put these on anymore)

Shoulders: none

Chest: The shirt itself is very lightweight, just a bit heaver then a normal t-shirt. The shirt has many Synapses that mimic those in the brain, except they are located all over the armor. They translate her thoughts and decrease the time it takes to react, making her already enhanced reflexes that much faster. (+100 dmg reduction)(-.2 reaction time)

Belt: A tough, bendable; hollow tube filled with water.

Legs: Very similar to the top, but they increase leg strength, speed, and jumping ability. (+100 dmg reduction)

Feet: Red knee high boots, with removable stone plates on the bottom. (+5 dmg reduction)

Wrist: None

Hands: none

Ring1: none

Ring2: none

Necklace: none

Trinket1: none

Trinket2: none

Back: A bookbag with several books on various forms of bending. Her diary emblazoned with the Kishimoto Family Crest. Basic survival gear for her travels. ETC

A quiver, which is actually a 3-D printer that forms up to 10 arrows every second. It can form up to 3k arrows before needing to be refilled with its basic components. 

Excalibur, the Sword of Promised Victory. The weapon is four feet tall, from tip to the end of the handle. With golden writing along the blade, and the handle.Excalibur is a divine construct, the pinnacle of holy swords. This special weapon can absorb the hopes and dreams of the followers of the wielder, and transforms into into destructive blast of Holy light energy; that leave those with a pure heart unaffected. (Both the sword and the sheath can be willed to her position on command.)

A Airbending staff with retractable wings for single manned flight.

Avalon, the sheath to Excalibur. Capable of turning into a Conceptual weapon and hidden within the body. As long as the wielder of Excalibur is within range to supply it with energy, Avalon will heal all but the most mortal of wounds.

Class Cards:

These artifacts are used to tap into the Throne Of Heroes and summon forth a Heroic Spirit. These Spirits are basically special types of familiars that are actually spirits of heroes, or legends that was believed in so much that they gained a physical form within the Throne Of Heroes. With the cards, a user could use either a magical item or their own body to channel the abilities and powers of the Heroic Spirit.

There are seven types of cards for seven types of Servants.

                                                         Lancer (Captured)








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