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It’s Not Black and White.

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The city of Nocere was a deathy grey, thouands blending together. The grey sky, painted with white clouds, the grey skyscrapers reaching for the sky. It was like the colour had been drained from the pale city. Infact, that wasn’t far from the truth. A long, long time ago, a brilliant inventor found a way to detract colour from an object, making it a treasure to be sold on the market. But, this went too far, and wiped the city of colour, to a point of no return, so what do we do now?

And that’s when Loka comes in, a brilliant, niave young girl with nothing more than the love of travel? Perfect. Now, this is when things get a little more.. interesting, promise not to tell Loka? Right, to be honest, we didn’t expect her to do well. We expected her to fail, and die. But I now see her potential. It might be dangerous. –

The Writer of Loka.


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