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Janey Belle v. Anthem Kishimoto: TRAMPBLADES UNLEASHED!

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Janey Belle
Outside of the Tavern, the evening seemed to be going… well enough? No death, no destruction… That anyone was aware of. Was it… possible? A day of peace? Maybe things were finally looking– Oh, no, what’s that, right around the corner?! It looked like a woman pinned to a wall by a large sword that had gone straight through her abdomen. She wasn’t dead, yet, but she was very quickly approaching that point if the hungry gaze of the Zombie Tramp was anything to go off of. Janey walked up to her, a grin on her face. “Shh… shh… Just let it go, babe. Just in the need for a quick bite.” Janey sank her jaws into the woman’s neck, biting a large chunk out of her, and tore away. Blood sprayed across her as she chewed, drenching her chest in red as her hands came up, grabbed the woman’s head, and then tore it away, neck and all, from her shoulders. It wasn’t that Janey had anything against the rest of the human body… Just the head was her favorite part. Cheeks, lips, even the neck-meat, it was all good, but brains… Brains were the real prize. And so she walked on her way to the Blue Moon, figuring that there’d be more food inside. All the other snacks had fled by now.
æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ
The Scion of Hellifyno just seemed to be wandering the city of Consequence during this hour before she heard an all too familiar sound some blocks away. There was a slight scream before the sick wet cutting sound of impalement, Janey’s prey against a wall. Anthem couldn’t just leave it alone of course; and the green cladded warrior woman turned her walk into a run as she covered those three city blocks. Unfortunately by the time the woman had arrived, the woman was dead. Eaten viciously, here in the city streets, that brought a scowl to her face. The huntress scoured the area for tracks, and upon finding some she tracked the Zombie Tramp towards the Blue Moon.
Janey Belle
Slinking inside of the Tavern, Janey twirled around with her snack in both of her hands, as if she was dancing with it, before bringing the disembodied head to her mouth to bite off the cheeks. Nomnomnomnom… Her black hair and black silk robe swirled around her as she moved and hummed to herself a somewhat cheerful, jazzy tune as she chewed and let the blood flow down her chest. Glowing, cloudy eyes looked around the Tavern, and those she made eye contact with, she merely gave a gore-filled smile. “Hey. Don’t mind me. And don’t run. I’ll be with you ALL shortly…” Walking to the counter, she bashed the head open at the forehead right on it, and pulled back the scalp afterward to dig hands right into the brains, scooping out the bleeding grey matter and shoveling it into her mouth sloppily.
æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ
Quickly she tracked her down to the most familiar bar in all of the city, the Blue Moon Tavern. The 5’6 tan woman in a green gi pushed the doors open to reveal the grotesque scene before her. There was an eyebrow twitch as Anthem recognized the dismembered head matched the rest of the body she had bared witness too some streets before. “You disgusting, vile creature.” She spat at the sloppy Tramp at the bar counter. “What did that poor woman do to deserve being devoured?” Anthem’s aura flared a bit in anger, joining the smell of blood and death with that of burning sage. There was nothing she despised more than wanton murder and that’s what she suspected this to be.
Janey Belle
“…Well shit, why don’t you tell me how you REALLY feel!” Janey cackled a little as she scooped out more brain to shovel into her mouth, smacking loudly with exaggerated motions of her jaw, her lips pursing and causing blood and juices to dribble out and down her chin, before she swallowed and licked her lips. “What did she do to deserve it? Nothing. But I WAS pretty damn hungry.” With the head emptied of its contents, Janey didn’t need it anymore, so she tossed it at this other woman’s feet. “Still am. You wanna go next, Next Karate Kid?”
æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ
She could only shake her head at the…woman? Undead woman for sure, judging by the looks of the decay against her features. Anthem’s own nose wrinkled at the sight of this poor innocent woman’s brains being scooped out and eaten. Crimson orbs followed what was left of the skull as it was tossed to her feet, which was followed by a sigh from the warrior. There was no remorse, no respect, nothing more that a predator feasting on her prey. It was different for Cameron, who pulled out an item from his pocket and ate it; and Janey who actively left the corpse to prune in the sun. “You may come and try. Though you’ll find that I’m not your usual easy prey, foul beast.” Her expression went serious, her crimson orbs a lit with her spirit of fire. She started with the Wing Chun asking hand, her right hand against her left forearm as the completely banadged up arm extending towards the Zombie in a /come get it/ motion.
Janey Belle
“Oooh, keep calling me bad things, girlie…” Janey took one slow step forward, cocking her head to the side as she chuckled darkly. “And I’ll make sure to make it nice and slow for you instead of short and quick…” A curse of black magic flew from between her red lips, a stain on reality. The ebony hair on Janey’s hair came to life then, and like so many snakes, they lashed out, twin strikes aiming to slice at and grab that asking hand.
æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ
She didn’t respond as her crimson orbs watched the woman with interest, carefully studying and adapting to whatever might come at her next. There it was, magic of the spoken kind. Dark of course, relying on the power of death was surmised as well. She jerked to the right while that asking hand turned into a fist, then pumped back and forth in a lightning fast motion which spawned forth a fist full of bright white flames that shot forth. The ball split up into thousands of purifying sparks that would meet the hair midair in the hopes of setting it all ablaze. Regardless she wouldn’t remain in place as sidestepped a few times after the jerk, focused on her flame.
Janey Belle
Burning hair! Thankfully, the healthy sheen in Janey’s hair wasn’t because of flammable hair product, so it didn’t go completely up in flames… immediately. And since it was hair, it also didn’t hurt, either. But Janey wasn’t any less offended! “MY HAIR!” There wasn’t much a dead woman like Janey could be vain about, but her hair was as fabulous as the day she died. And now a bit of it was on fire. She was pissed. And so Janey decided to fight fire… with fire. Her own hands suddenly became engulfed in green, burning slime, which she flung towards Anthem.
æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ
That exactly what the firebending Scion wanted. As the air caught fire, the burning white wouldn’t go out like normal flames either. Her closed left fist went up against her chest as her fire responded by travelling straight down to the roots and actually trying to burn the Zombie woman without remorse; which ironically is what Anthem was revived by Gaia to do. Her sidesteps would have brought her up behind a table, so with a few short kicks the furniture went up into the air and was kicked so the wide portion would crash into the burning slime and send whatever it was flying across the Inn. “Beg for forgiveness, and I might be willing to hear it.” Anthem replied, keeping her senses trained on Janey.
Janey Belle
Burning hair and burning dead flesh wasn’t a good smell… And it was rather smoky. But, just being told to beg was more than enough to drive Janey up the wall. There was some very specially placed jewelry on her chest, at the peaks of the double mounds, and just then… they sparkled with a cold light, and with a flash and crackling of necromantic power, they prompted a transformation. Black silk turned to form-fitting and revealing leather straps, and piercings turned into cold chains and steel blades in each of her hands. A snarl came from Janey as she lunged at Anthem, still aflame, and slashed at her midsection with both blades in a scissor-like fashion. “I DON’T BEG, BITCH!”
æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ
The smell wasn’t pleasant no, but Anthem had been to far and strange places like the Fwuf hive in recent memory. Her stern expression didn’t change as she regarded this threat, though there was a cock of an eyebrow as she noted just where the sparks came from before Janey transformed. She ignored what this dead creature decided to wear and paid attention to the all important dangerous steel blades that came for her; in response Anthem created a dagger of white fire hovering a inch over her flesh hand. She used her other arm as a shield the steel blades cut through the bandage and dug into the vine like flesh underneath it. “You sure? Dressed the way you are, you’re definitely screaming for attention.” The Scion replied, taking a leaf from Sun Tzu, if your opponent is quick to anger then anger him. With her arm between her flesh and those blades, Anthem used her other elbow to try and deliver a strike into the undead elbow, with the intent to disable.
Janey Belle
“Attention is one thing. But I make people beg for ME.” The TrampBlades bit in nice and clean into the odd limb, which Janey figured out wasn’t exactly flesh when no blood started flowing. All the same, though, they didn’t stay there, suddenly moving through Anthem’s arm… but not cutting it further. Physically. Below the surface, though, deep, deep down? If there was any part of the Scion in that limb to make it move, to make it at all ‘living’, any part of her spirit, her soul, her life force, life energy, whatever you wanted to call it? It was like having THAT carved in to. Their elbows collided, but nonexistent pain or a broken bone didn’t phase an undead thing like Janey, who now had her oddly spectral blades whirling for Anthem’s head now.
æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ
The arm wasn’t flesh at all, nor was anything that was the Scion was in it. It was in fact living though, its own living piece of being blessed to her by the Goddess of Life. Those necrotic blades would focus in on the Gaian energy that existed within the arm, which did react with hers down on a spiritual level. Nevertheless the Scion felt it and didn’t want to feel it again, knowing now those weapons weren’t just a purely physical weapon. Upon the elbow to elbow contact, it was aimed to break to elbow at the joint; but even so it didn’t even phase the undead creature that was definitely different than the ones she had to handle before. “With the chains your wearing, I’d figure you were the slave.” In order to dodge the Trampblades the second time, the martial artists threw herself on her back, and replied with many quick spinning motions with more bright white fire filing the air between them.
Janey Belle
“MOTHERBITCH!” So much fucking fire! Crossing the blades in front of her, they melded together to form a shield that she could hold in front of herself for some protection from the worst of it, while her feet also left the ground so she could do a hasty retreat, floating backwards quickly. Distance between them again, Janey snarled and reshaped the TrampBlades to their bladed forms again, only this time they took on the same ectoplasmic green flame as her hands. Raising her hands overhead and screaming another curse with her black tongue, the undead witch threw them towards Anthem as two spinning pinwheels of burning damned metal that moved on their own right from the Scion.
æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ
Even though there was so much flames, if it wasn’t activately burning the Tramp it flowed back to the Scion’s aura. Not only did it keep Harry’s Tavern from burning too bad, it bolstered her energy much like recycling. So when Janey retreated Anthem reached back and propelled herself up and onto her feet. Crimson orbs focused on the weapons and the fact that they were on chains as they flew through the air, the vibrations of said air brushed against the shaven side of her head for extrasensory understand; her closed fists shifted open as she changed tact. The Elementalist read the airwaves and started to control them as the winds in the Inn started to pick up, then she moved accordingly. She stepped in a crescent fashion, walking in circles, ducking and rolling out of the way over a table until she lined Janey up with a window in the rafter. Then taking a deep inhale, she blasted a powerful gust of wind at the zombie woman that could possibly send her flying out said window with the Scion right behind her.
Janey Belle
Whoever this was, Janey would privately admit to herself that she was damn fast. She was caught off-guard by how fast, as a sudden gust sent her flying backwards out of a window too quickly for her to try and resist it by flying forward. But as the Scion found herself following Janey out, she might realize that the TrampBlades were following right behind her. So in front of her was Janey, pissed off and snarling, ready to take a bite out of her if Anthem dared get close enough… And behind her, connected by long chains, the spinning flaming TrampBlades seeking her blood. “C’MON, BITCH! MAKE ME BEG IF YOU FUCKIN’ CAN!” Another curse, and Janey joined her hands together for a powerful jet of ectoplasmic flame to shoot at Anthem, too, just to pile it on.
æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ
The Scion followed the Zombie lady like a gas powered rocket directly out of the window as they found themselves in open land. If your opponent was like the mountain, then you must be like the river. Though the moment she stopped Anthem knew that these…. chain-bound weapons were trailing behind their master. She didn’t give the blade a chance to get close to her as they were forced to take a wide berth around her as a warding wind expelled from her form in all directions. “No. I rescind my statement. You have no forgiveness in you.” Now that they were outside, the Kishimoto warrior didn’t need to worry about hurting anyone or anything. Out here the winds were far more dangerous. She jumped on a ball of air that moved her far quicker than she could move on her own, zipping around here there and everywhere as she tried to confuse the Tramp from what way she would attack from next.
Janey Belle
“Damn straight!” Janey cackled, but it was harsh laughter. Angry laughter. Bitter. Forgiveness? From her? What would it even matter? The TrampBlades returned to her hands, their flames extinguished… And then they melted over her hands, covering her forearms, her shoulders. Each metal-coated finger on her hands then extended into six-inch blades. Floating higher into the air, Janey chased after Anthem with her own remarkable speed, closing in fairly quickly so she could slash at her midsection, wanting actual blood from her opponent… just a taste.
æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ
The Scion sensed through the airwaves that the blades disappeared, forming with the zombie as it transformed yet again. It was more piratical then the she first gave credit, but she would still avoid the soul cutting weapons as much as possible. As the Tramp gave chase, Anthem used this opening as a chance to strike; and while she still hovered on her ball of air in randomized patterns the Scion dug back into the element of Fire for a moment as she pulled forth something even more destruction. As Janey gained speed on her Anthem gathered electricity into her body. Risking another hit as she used her Gaian arm as a shield once more, the ball of air would disappear as a massive bolt of pure white lightning when to strike the woman who was now, conveniently, covered in metal.
Janey Belle
The lightning surged through Janey’s body, singing her undead flesh as it exited her foot, taking the appendage with it below the ankle… but in the absence of living nerve cells, it barely even made her muscles twitch. The distance between them closed, and Janey jabbed her bladed fingertips at Anthem. Once again, the blades didn’t seek to cut and slice flesh; instead, they’d pass harmlessly through the skin, like phantoms, and seek to harm her soul instead, burning at it with an evil fury.
æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ
Her arm surged violently, as in the vine like flesh gave up being the faux arm shape that the Scion willed it into and now looked more like a living thing. It pulsated like it was breathing, at a different rate than Anthem’s heartbeat and everything. After getting stabbed the Scion hit the deck with a heavy thump, trying to put distance in between them by launching twin pillars of brilliantly white fire at her, up to 30 meters in that direction.
Janey Belle
Falling with Anthem, Janey cackled bitterly as she hit the ground, only for it to be cut short as the flames washed over her and sent her sprawling backwards, howling. It didn’t HURT… but being on fire wasn’t fun. “FUCK!FUCKFUCKFUCK!” She slapped at it with her metal coated hands, clawing at her self in the process, before an actual magical curse flew from her lips instead of the constant profanity. And then… in a rather gross fashion, the half-cooked, mostly nude form of Janey Belle got really… greasy. Her hair was pretty much gone, her gangrenous skin was charred and blackened… and to add on top of it, the flames were snuffed out as gooey green ectoplasm, like sickly phlegm or snot, just started to ooze out of her pores until it dripped thickly from head to toe… And she was still intent on getting at Anthem, floating towards her like some kind of jello fight prize fighter gone horribly, horribly wrong. The TrampBlades reformed whole in her hands, no longer partially armoring her, and once again she made a scissor-like slash, this time at the Scion’s neck.
æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ
Anthem watched as the flames went out against the ooze that came from the undead flesh, recovering the fire back into her aura as it relished her energy accordingly. With her opponent controlling heaven and flying, the nature born Earthbender was on her preferred terrain,. She shifted again into a third element as she embraced a harder, more rugged form. As she did so, several dozen sharpened spikes of Earth erupted between herself and the Zombie Tramp. Both to act as a physical barrier and in attempts to impale the flying woman. For Janey had committed the most heinous crime, the wanton murder of an innocent.
Janey Belle
She’d lunged so fast, there wasn’t much of a shot for Janey to avoid the spikes… and she essentially impaled herself. “MOTHERF—” Right through the middle of her, too! Guts, chest, bit of her arm, thighs… She drifted backwards, leaving intestines, charred flesh, and ectoplasm behind on the spikes as she did so. Growling, Janey let her blades fly with another curse, and the TrampBlades went about trying to just hack right through the earthen spikes to get at the woman on the other side!
æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ
Using a piece of earth as a surfboard, the Elementalest was on the move again, feeling the airwaves around the blades as they worked through the Earth spikes even AFTER spiked on several sharpened pillar of stone. “Oh no you don’t. I got you.” She muttered to herself as more spikes formed from where Janey was already spiked; a dozen small spikes aiming to impale her undead flesh all over the place including her head. Likewise as the Scion moved, more and more spikes would come forth from the ground, inbetween herself and the Trampblades; her arm was still throwing a tantrum thanks to them.
Janey Belle
Spikes, spikes, spikes! Everywhere! And Janey couldn’t hack away at them fast enough. It was a rather gruesome end for a rather gruesome woman, as she was left limp, unmoving, spikes going in and out of holes that shouldn’t be there… A slimy, burnt mess impaled on earthen spikes. As the sickly light left her cloudy eyes, the TrampBlades and their matching piercings also vanished.
æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ
Super careful and through, even after the TrampBlades disappeared Anthem still holed the Zombie Tramp a few more times. Then most of the spikes retreated back into the Earth, only for the Scion to apply care and direct flame to the undead body until it was properly cremated. Janey had commanded a certain kind of respect and fear from the warrior that such overkill was needed. Unknowing of that particular vengeful spirit’s inevitable return, Anthem walked away feeling victorious as she headed back to the Tavern.
æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ
And with that the Scion requested a room for the night, and disappeared upstairs for the evening.

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