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What is His story?

Jango is a being created near the beginning of the first life filled planets. He was designed to be the perfect servant by an unknown creator and able to do anything his imagination can come up with at the time. But his purpose for having such power was to serve another. All of his power in the hands of a single being. The worthy Master. If he is without a Master for an extended period of time, he will fade away and vanish forever until another comes along to take his place. So he searches…Searches for a worthy master…


The Library

The Library is just that. A massive library with seemingly endless book shelves. There is a book on the life of every being that has died and is living. There are also copies of every book that has ever been written and is being written. All organized into 26 sections. The floors are completely covered by a thick carpet which has varying designs and colors based off of the letter for the section. The shelves themselves are made of a marble like material and have varying colors based on the sections they are in and are usually darker than that of the carpets unless the carpets are a particularly dark color. The books in each section are of the highest quality materials and are very, very durable. At the working desk of every section, there is a massive pillar covered in sculptures of living beings that move around as if they are still alive. Unable to speak. Their movements are very slow and they scream soundlessly. They cannot leave the pillars and are “trapped” there. In the center of each white pillar is a large, black letter made of smooth marble. There are many doors in walled off sections of the Library that open into kitchens, bedrooms, entertainment rooms, and other places.


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