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Jasupa & Friends V.S. Íssól Asuta [PART 1]

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*As Your Father you somewhere you could hear someone running at him with there blade as you hear him thud in a tree* *Sierra and Cassindra had arrived*

* The great Íssól turns to to all three of the individuals and a smirk raises on his face. For a small silence had cast upon this beasting look of a man. His heith consisted or 6’8 and his eyes were of a dark fiery blue color.* “What do you think all of you are doing here?”” * He asks with a devilish chuckle only recognizing his son but the other girl was oblivious to him.*

*Sierra had Jasupa immediately fitted with his Gaunlets and had prepared an extra blade for Melody as she and Cassindra ran in* 

:Jasupa: “ bastered.” * Jasupa sas with a mild intention.” * The row raised on Íssól as he began to chuckle in a mad mans way.* “Bastered, watch your language…son of the ice” * As the sudden attack of Melody and Cassindra came in he laughed na brought forth his hand and whipped his hand at them. At first nothing had happened but then they began to feel a zapping energy in them that had slown then and zapped a small potion of their energy. WIth Jasupas increadible speed he was suddenly behind his father and tried to stap him but his father simply turned and caught the blade with such precision*

*Sierra ran in as Cassindra got up as Melody should be immune to her father’s magic* *Cassindra* “Damm Bastard” *She would say as as stone hands would wrap around Jasupa’s Dad and throw him into a tree as Myles & Amara had arrived* 

* A sudden dark atmosphere would be felt as lighting crack and spreads in the sky. A streak of the lighting comes down smashing against the ground and suddenly FYzenguard stood as he says* “What in the nine hells” * His face suddenly lifted in terror seeing Íssól. as Íssól was thrown to a tree he was suddenly engulfed in lighting and shoots infront of Jasupa and places a punch making Jasupa fly to the ground easily. Fyzenguard with his speed was suddenly behind Íssól and got him in a head lock trapping him from movements for a certain time*

*Myles ran in as he had undergone Fyzenguard’s Training as his blade struck Issol’ and Amara moved in throwing a strike of her own as Sierra’s Magic held the man in place*

*Issol seemed to be strugiling feeling the sudden blade strike him. As the sword pearced his skin it didn’t seem as effective as it should have been. Suddenly Íssól eyes began to glow and a Lighting bolt from the sky comes striking Íssól on the ground. Fyzenguard jumped away before the lighting bolt came down and hit but Íssól had a devilish smirk on his face, Black electrical power seemed to be frosting out of his eyes as he laughs but in pain. His power had risen suddenly and now past Fyzenguards* :Fyzenguard: “Damit hes gone Berserk, now we are in…” * Íssól appears behind Fyzenguard in mid air and kicks him in the back of the head and then throws his hand throwing a Lighting bolt at Myles*

*Amara’s magic would defend her lover as she looked up as Xavier and Krystal finally arrived and joined the fight firing a combination of there’s powers at Issol’ as Sierra and Cassindra followed up with there idea*

* Íssól gurnts and grasps his head afterwords and a sudden pulse of a dark green energy makes everyone fly back. Now Íssól was screaming as he still transformed into the legendary form of Berserk. Even the magic thrown at him would fade even before it hit him. Still screaming he was now laughing but in pain again. Jasupa would pop up again but was simply bitch slapped out of the way. *The Everyone could feel something. As they looked back they could see Fyzenguard looking down with a ball of energy forming in his hand. It was gorwing but slolwy.* :Íssól: “No, you arnarn’t playing that trick on me”* The ball grew in size and power but Íssól didn’t like it at all*

*Alyssa would catch Jasupa as she looked at Melody as she looked at everyone* “Dammit..” *Sierra,Xavier & Myles + There lovers would begin to add there power to Fyzenguard’s ball*

* As Jasupa was caught by his lover his head turns and Jasupa looked scared. Alyssa could tell in his eyes that fear had raged in his mind. He forced a small smile and gave her a small kiss before disapearing out of her hands. Íssól began to run up to Fyzenguard and as he was about to jump to attack Fyzenguard Jasupa pops up and wraps himself around his father as both feel to the ground. Again Íssól was trapped but by Jasupa*

*The Sky began to crackle as Alyssa add her fire to Fyzenguard’s ball as a Portal opened nearby as Mikayla & Silver would step out of it*

Thanks to Everyone for who’s been in part 1








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