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Juliet LeBeau Background

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Early Life and Education:

Juliet was born in Chamnoix, France. The alpine town she grew up in was gorgeous and her childhood was blessed. Both her parents were wildly successful members of Curie Guild so there was very little she wanted for. As she grew up, Juliet had the advantage of being able to visit both Italy and Switzerland practically by crossing the street. She learned much from her wandering around three different countries, particularly about people. People were fascinating to her. Humanity was so diverse and complicated. 

The years passed and Juliet continued to wander during her free time, which she certainly had plenty of. She was exceptionally smart and maintained good grades through out all twelve years of grade school, but she didn’t feel a need to devote herself to being the top of her class. She did what work she must to maintain a 3.5-4.0 GPA and that was it. She’d rather be exploring then people watching. 

When the time came for her to attend University, she surprised her parents by announcing her desire to make medicine her primary focus. Her parents had wanted her to go into chemistry or biochemistry like they had. However, Stefan and Charlotte LeBeau loved their daughter and arranged for her to the Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris, France. As her education progressed Juliet regularly distinguished herself as the best and brightest in her class. Though she worked harder at University then she ever had at grade school, Juilet still found time to wander, all over Paris and often taking the RIGHTS (rapid inter global hyper transit system) to England and all of the British Isles.

It was on the late night return from one of these sojourns into Britain that Juliet’s life was forever altered. As she was walking back to her dorm room, a fight broke out in an alley way between the Guild buildings at the University. She ran to see what was going on and offer medical help if needed, but when she got there she witnessed a Curiean Handler and his Construct unleash some sort of aresol chemical which left the rival Construct and Handler dead in the most gruesome and painful fashion.

Juliet could not believe what she had seen. Not only were chemical attacks forbidden by the Pact of Hidden Wars, they went against everything Curie Guild was supposed to stand for. Racing back to her dorm run, heart pounding and tears stinging her green eyes, Juliet used her parents logins to access the Guild Cloud. There in her own Father’s files, she found a list labeled R&D High Priority which detailed all the chemical and bio weapons he was currently developing. Her parents were behind some of the most dangerous chemical weapons known to the world. Once she had cried her heart out over the whole ugly business, Juliet spent the rest of her senior year collecting all the information she could on the weapons and began to develop antidotes for as many as possible. 

The day of her graduation came and she walked across the dias in cap and gown as a graduate with honors. Her proud, smiling parents were standing by with the Director of Guild Personnel, her contract was in his hands waiting to be signed. Long she stood looking at her parents, trying to reconcile who she had thought they were and who they actually were. Taking a shaky breath, she turned and walked away, heading straight for the Piaget recruiter. Starting over with a new Guild, she continued to excel, quickly discovering that she had a knack for triage and crossover medicine. It was there that she devoted her time and efforts, but the work she had done her senior year on antidotes to her parent’s weapons saved more lives then she knew.

Juliet’s Personality Pre-Purge:

Quiet, inquisitive and curious, kind, emphatic and loves to laugh. To sum up pre-purge Juliet in one word, Allegra would have picked ‘sweet’. The woman was a healer not just by trade but also by nature. While Juliet would never think to call herself brave, Allegra and many of her other patients could a test to the fact she was one of the most fearless and relentless triage crossovers alive. If she decided someone could be saved, she’d do everything in her power, up to and including risking her own life, to save them. She succeeded 8 out of 10 times, a far better ratio then any other working field crossover in history.

Juliet’s Personality After the Purge:

When the Seraphs arrived, Juliet had been out in the field on an op. They were in the Sudan and it wasn’t until the Seraphs showed up to clean up the Constructs there that she even knew what was going on. It was a blood bath, the attack was coordinated and executed instantly, all the Constructs going down via their kill switch, then killed a moment after. There was nothing she could do. They were all dead before she could finish screaming no. She stayed on Earth for several years before being sent to Belladonna as punishment for treating the ill instead of sending them to the Seraph ships bound for their home world.

Unlike Allegra and the others, Juliet had not been fortunate enough to find shelter and aid upon her arrival. She ended up being captured by a gang that called themselves The Devil’s Catamites. They were cruel and violent, branding her skin at the base of her neck so that everyone would know she was a slave. Beatings and torture were regular occurrences, but mercifully she was spared the pain and degradation of rape. They had no interest in her sexually and the only reason they kept her alive at all was because they wanted a woman to cook, clean and take care of them when they were sick. She in a sense, became the fucked-up Wendy to a band of deranged, half mad lost boys. Constantly living under the threat of unpredictable violence perpetrated by unstable men took it’s toll on Juliet. Even after Mizagi Turri cleared the camp and rescued her, she still lives her life on edge and suffers from PTSD. She is jumpy and suspicious around those she doesn’t know and is prone to panic attacks if startled. 

How She Connects to Allegra:

Piaget and Tesla were working together to take down a Oppenheimer out post high in the Andes of South America and both women were assigned to the mission. Juliet was fascinated by Allegra, watching her closely as they were in transit. Allegra was not like the other Constructs. She held herself apart from them, on a different level all together even though she was joking with them and they all seemed to have the highest respect for her. Juliet had almost never had any trouble discerning person from Construct, but with Allegra the line was practically invisible. Constructs tended to be too still, they rarely looked around and let their eyes roam and explore their environment. They lacked the vital spark of curiosity. Allegra lacked nothing. 

When Allegra took a serious injury protecting another Construct’s Handler, Juliet had rushed to where she had fallen. Crossing the space where the fighting was active, not stopping even as bullets hit the ground around her. When she reached Allegra she realized that the other women had practically been disemboweled. It was bad, but Juliet could save her. For two hours she had sat with both her hands pressed to the wound across Allegra’s stomach. Keeping the bleeding to a minimum and her internal parts from becoming external. It was a hellish ride but when they arrived at a crossover facility Juliet was able to repair the damage. From that day on, Allegra always requested Juliet as her crossover on ops. As a result she was present when Broughes died and Allegra was severely injured. The two women are close friends.

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