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Hey, everyone! I was recently craving some combat-based roleplay and came across a blog that seemed interesting to me; it’s a categorization of the power of characters in tiers. The link is here. My question is, what tier are you most comfortable roleplaying at? And why? If you’ve had experience roleplaying  in other tiers, how were they?

If you took the time to respond to this survey, thank you.


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    1. Sinh Marol 1 year ago

      It heavily depends.

      I’d say, depending on the character, I’m at most comfortable with 7-C, and probably more comfortable within the 9, bordering closer to 9-B.

      Whilst blowing up cities and moons and all that sounds cool and all; it becomes less and less interesting and less impactful to just throw flashier, bigger moves at each other. Hand-to-hand combat can be just as good, and just as meaningful – it doesn’t have to be a flashy fight that goes on across stars, like something on the lines of 6/5.

    2. Qahnaarin 1 year ago

      I’m comfortable fighting at tier five the most; however, I don’t see much of a point in fighting at anything higher. Especially anything above tier two despite my characters being at that level.
      I agree with Sinh that there comes a point to the power in a fight where it just becomes numbing and leaves me uninspired.

    3. Eullyria 1 year ago

      I tend to bounce about i start at 10-a and work way up to outerverse then at that point retire the character or make them an observer at that point. Siccy pretty much stopped at 3-a start small and build up. Hand to hand depending on the Tier is difficult especially if you do not understand the techniques of the said martial art{unless you make up one.} though at higher tears adding powers kinda lessons the challenge and is really dependant on your partner when it comes to grabs and holds unless you play with someone who wont bunny all the time and allow for that.

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