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Kade’s Character Sheet

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Name: Kadama (Kay-da-ma) aka Kade

Height: 5’10 out of armor; 6’2 in armor

Weight: 175lbs out of armor; 210 in armor

Eye Color: Hazel (amber & jade hues) out of mask; Ghost blueish/white in mask

Hair Color: Black in and out of mask and armor

Gender: Male

Species: Enhanced Hybrid

Concept: Supernatural Hunter/Slayer/Peacekeeper

Occupation: Private Investigator (in between jobs at the moment)

Appearance: Out of the Armor: Kade has an athletic build with long black hair with shaved sides and back that he normally puts into a top knot or loose pony tail.  His style is casual and loose most of the time, but does wear specialized tactical and stealth gear.  A large Japanese styled tattoo on his back of a oni mask and snake, Japanese styled sleeve, ribs, and chest on his left side, and special tribal markings on his right forearm that hold special symbolism to them.

In Armor: While wearing Rvulper (the symbiotic mask) Kade gains size and mass just slightly.  The armor is a bio-mechanical armor that looks like a heavy plate but moves with a more light armor feel.  The mask itself went from a more frightening visage to one holding more practical look, with a living robotic look to it.  The change was recent and has yet to be explored. (Please see images in profile for both)


Powers out of Armor

  • Hypercognitive in the area of skill observation and retention.
  • Photographic Reflexes: Able to duplicate almost any physical act he sees after seeing it done by someone else only once.
  • Physical Movement Prediction: He can also do things such as figuring out the sleight of hand techniques of a master poker cheater simply by watching them.  He has often shown the ability to actually predict an opponent’s next move before they make it if he has studied their fighting style enough.
  • Enhanced Metabolism: Kade possesses certain physical skills superior to those of human athletes.  His Enhanced metabolism affords him greater reaction time, endurance, and speed than the human race’s most perfect physical specimen.
    • Enhanced Reflexes
    • Enhanced Endurance
    • Enhanced Speed
    • Enhanced Strength
  • Autonomic Function Control: Kade has physically conditioned his body and mind to their peak levels of efficiency.  He has voluntary control over most of his body’s autonomic functions: breathing, heartbeat, bleeding, reaction to pain, rate of healing, etc.
  • Enhanced Durability: He has toughened all the striking surfaces of his body in general and his hands in particular, so that they are covered with dense callus. Kade is capable of shattering wood, cinder block, and even mild steel.
  • Stress Point Detection: Kade has the extrasensory ability to perceive the stress points, fracture planes, or weaknesses, physical or psychological, in all objects or persons around him. By striking and applying pressure at these points, he can split or shatter objects made of seemingly invincible substances or render insensate beings of far greater strength than he. This mental discipline is virtually effortless, and Kade can attain this state of awareness for extended periods of time.
  • Precognition: Kade is able to see fragments of the future, by bending the definition of his powers.
  • Psychological Intuition: With Kade’s ability to discern faults also includes understanding the logical conclusions stemming to a person’s rational.


Rvulper Symbiotic APOK Armor 

The signature of the APOKs is a symbiotic mask they earn after enduring and living through The Rite of Trials.  When the mask is put onto an APOK it creates a living invulnerable mystical armor about the host.  This armor significantly augments the host’s strength, speed and endurance, making him a powerhouse and a challenge to even the most physically powerful of super-humans.  The appearance and design of the armor is a reflection of the host’s character.


Armor Abilities 

  • Invulnerability: The armor is impervious to even the most destructive of conventional weapons.  Although, some very high explosives, such as a “tank-cracker” have been able to temporarily incapacitate the host even they could not actually kill him.
  • Superhuman Strength: The armor dramatically increases the host’s strength to the point of reaching levels on par with the most physically potent of super-powered beings.  While wearing the armor, the hosts become almost unstoppable; no man can stand against them and even the strongest of super-powered beings must consider their strength when facing an armored host. The armored host can lift cars with ease, bend steel, break chains, crush stone, send grown men flying across a room or through a wall with the slightest touch, uproot trees, restrain even, overpower demons, slaughter Werewolves and Vampires, lift 4,000 pound cars, tear apart a US marine tank, destroy Apache helicopters, and make.
  • Superhuman Speed: The host can run in excess of a hundred miles per hour while in the armor. Their reflexes are similarly accelerated, allowing them to deflect bullets with their wrists.  In close distances, hosts can seem to appear and disappear from sight.  
  • Claws: Can grow razor-sharp talons at the ends of their fingernails sufficient to pierce human skulls easily. These claws also aid in adhering sheer surfaces.
  • Superhuman Stamina: The armor energizes the host and allows him to remain active indefinitely without tire.
  • Respiration Protection: The armor supplies oxygen and protects the host from low-oxygen environment such as outer space, underwater, or in a gas-filled room.
  • Superhuman Agility: The armor also increases his host’s agility; allowing them to jump high over long distances, scale sheer surfaces, and to perform amazing acrobatic and parkour feats.
  • Superhuman Senses: The armor sharpens the host’s senses of sight and hearing.
  • Healing Factor: The armor bestows his host with amazing powers of self-healing.  Advanced self-healing abilities also make his hosts immune to most Earthly illnesses and all supernatural afllictions (Vampirism, Lycantrophy, ect).
  • Reactive Adaption: The armor acts like an immune system, creating antibodies to absorb and destroy the supernatural poison etc.


Mystical Abilities in and out of the armor due to symbiosis

  • Teleportation: The host can travel in short distances with a blink teleporting.
  • Immortality: Hosts of the masks have the potential to live eternally as time and death have no full dominion over them.
  • Heightened Senses: Certain senses are heightened; such as the ability to literally feel a person’s footsteps from several yards away, even while underground.
  • Extrasensory Perception: The hosts can occasionally perceive a person as they really are, beyond the glamour of humanity.
  • Empathy: The host can interpret a person’s emotions and thoughts.
  • Magic Negation: APOK are strong enough to overpower a magic/divine/or other types of immortality.  They have an aura that dissipates magically/divine/or other types of energies.
  • Telepathy: Symbiote displayed the ability to telepathically communicate with other symbiotes.  This has given Kade a minor source of telepathy to “hear” thoughts from those speaking with it themselves.
  • Symbiote Assimilation: Rvulper seems to be the only one capable of amalgamating with other symbiotes in order to bolster their shared power.
  • Immunity to Sixth Senses or Danger Senses: Able to bypass sixth senses and danger senses designed to track or see him coming by creating a blind spot in that area.
  • Telepathy Resistance: It takes longer than conventional for a telepath to affect his mind.  This defense is not absolute, however.Additionally, attempting to telepathically incapacitate Rvulper by targeting the host does not prevent Rvulper from fighting back.
  • Energy Absorption: When attacked by fire, lightening, energy blasts, or any type of energy projection of any kind, Rvulper can absorb that energy to help bolster resistance and boost the abilities of Kade, this includes kinetic energy; ie, punches, kicks, throws, explosions, etc.
  • Shadow Clone: An ability that allows Kade to leave a shadowy image of himself that helps him fight in a different area and can change positions with the clone for a short duration of time.
  • Immunity to Fear:  APOKs are immune to fear of any kind.  They do not take to fear tactics or torture an have iron will to due to it.
  • Dark/Light force Manipulation: Kade has recently discovered his minor ability to effect dark/light force which is mainly to augment his weaponry and physical skills.
  • Arsenal Summoning: Kade has recently been able to summon weapons from his arsenal which no longer needs a vault, due to it being in a displaced dimensional vault where Rvulper had placed it all.


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