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  1. Allegra Gliss 2 years ago

    “Give me a minute…” Allegra replied, white knuckle gripping her restrains, her eyes tightly closed. Suddenly the chair made a lot more sense since she very much felt like she was on a roller coaster ride. All of Jack had flooded her mind. The good and the bad, but at the forefront of it all was his fear and guilt. It threatened to drag her down. It threatened to mix with her own and form a darkness that she didn’t want to face. This was too much. She’d asked to much of him….

    But she continued to sort him from her. Putting his feelings in a place of their own where she could see them and understand them, but not dragged down by them. She felt for Jack, compassion over the burden he carried, understanding and also acceptance. She opened her eyes and looked at both Jack and Rick. The clock seemed to have skipped ahead an additional twenty minutes. 

    “That was more then a minute, sorry.” She said with a shaky smile. “Yes, I’m ok now.”

    Shifting in the chair, she sighed in annoyance. “Can I get out of this, please?”

    The tech looked at Rick who nodded after a moment. The restraints were released and Allegra stood up and stretched. Before moving closer to Rick and Jack. She reached for Jack, wrapping an arm around his waist and leaning against him. “That was….interesting. Are you alright?” She asked him, studying his face while trying to sort out the answer from his emotions that she was feeling. It was hard to tell, she was no longer struggling to determine her from him, but pinning down specifics in the sea of feelings was not something she had managed yet.

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