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Light shined through the north window shining brightly into Kestrals face, her right hand moved up to shield her eyes from the light that threatened her sleep. From her bed she could hear the soft chatter of people outside as they got the day started. Heaving a rather exasperated sigh Kestral threw the covers over herself tucking it under her head begging for more sleep. That lasted only merely a moment before her father threw the door open stomping over towards her bed and pulled the covers off of her.


                ‘’Get up.’’

The girl shook her head rather frantically, she begged internally for a moment longer in the comforts of her bed. Her father however had completely different ideas of how her morning was going to go. Kestral felt the cold grip of her father’s hand on her ankle as it pulled her from the bed. Desperately her fingers dug into the mattress trying to keep herself planted where she was, though she knew it was a fruitless effort.

Her father stared at her through thick framed glasses, he was a tall man, lanky in appearance. As kestral stared at him she begged she’d never turn out like him. Hopeless.

‘’ Child, you need to get dressed. You know today’s the day.’’ His rough gravelly voice filling the room with his breath, oddly smelling of day old eggs. Oh yes… THE day… How could she honestly forget since he’s brought it up to her attention every day since she turned 16.  For the Tiffanae when a women turns 16 she is to be strode around the town like cattle where the eligible bachelors can see her, and then at the end the bid on her. Sure my father would make good money today, but it would be the last day sleeping in this cottage with him.

‘’ father I am grossly aware of what today is, you need not to remind me at every waking minute.’’ At this point she was frivolously pawing through her closet in a sad attempt to find an outfit.

Her fathers voice boomed from behind her‘’ There is no need for you to do that, you’re clothing is on the chair.’’ A finger bend in every way from years of losing fights pointed at a chair that held a dress. Kestral couldn’t believe her eyes, it was gorgeous. It must of cost her father more money than they cost of their hut.

Timid steps brought her closer to the item as a hand lifted to it feeling the silken fabric under her touch.

’I can’t take this and you know it. Go return it, I’m sure the maiden who sold this to you didn’t know …’

Her words trialed off, a deep frown finding its way onto her lips.

Kestral turned her attention to her father as he shook his head, rubbing the bridge of his nose in frustration. This was the usual for her, she’d know her whole life that as long as father wasn’t pinching his nose she could still get an edge in.


‘’Father it’s lovely. I’ll wear it….’’  With that her father left the room surely waiting on the other side of the door for his daughter to get dressed. With an expression that proved less than thrilled, she pulled the dress over her head and adjusted it accordingly. Kestral moved to the only mirror in her room and examined herself in it.

Blue hued optics stared at herself starting at her long blue hair framing her face, despite her father’s physical attributes kestral was gorgeous. Her body was thin and strong, muscles that didn’t intrude into her feminine body. The dress hugged her curves and showed off her breasts her skin sun kissed by her time outside.

Kestral pulled herself away from the image of herself in the mirror, she couldn’t look at it any longer. By the end of the day it would be a completely different person standing in the mirror. Bare feet brought herself to the door opening it to her waiting father on the other side.

‘’ are you ready my girl?’’ asked her father.

‘’..As ready as I’ll ever be….’’

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