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Kick Start the Fire

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After his encounter with Jango in the Blue Moon, Minnow knew exactly what he could do in order to help everyone.  War was not his strength.  Combat a distant dream he could only hope to one day be good at.  No his talents lay elsewhere.  The coin did not take him far.  To his room actually.   Where the remains of his current team stayed.  Time had healed their wounds enough to work, but the constant threat outside had kept them nestled in the relative safety of the tavern.  


“Come on get up.  We need to get to work.”  For once the teen had a bit of confidence in his voice.  Left hand opening and closing as he worked the stiffness out of his unused muscles to awaken them for the task at hand.  Eyes shifted to the two who remained.  His mentor, a grizzled old dwarf who had made just about any weapon one could imagine in his life.  The other was a gnome.  The tiny female was good at drawing up plans, if not working the forge herself.  One smith, one engineer.  And Minnow to make up whatever they couldn’t in between. Or that was the hope.


“Ain’t no point in it lad.”  Grumbled the dwarf.  


“Yeah what work is there?”  Came the high pitched protest of the gnome.


“Just get ready will you?  I need your help.  I can’t work the forge alone.  Please Hegith?  Henrette?”  He was almost pleading as he looked to the two of them.  “I can’t fight, not like the others.  But I can make weapons.  WE can make weapons.  For any who need them.  Any who want them.  The people need hope, even if it’s just a little bit.  So please I need your help, I want to make a difference.  Even just a little bit.” 


The two would look down for a moment.  Then towards each other.  Despite what they were going to get into with Jango they had decided to stick by Minnow to help him with his job.  To let him take lead on the project that was his first.  Once again they were at that cross roads.  Stay or go once more.


“Lad.”  The dwarf Hegith would move closer.  “Ye got a kind heart.  But even if ye did want to help, how?  The forge be over run remember?”  The gnome would hop up next.  “And the work shop too!”  With a nod the dwarf would turn back to look towards the teen.  “Ain’t no place for us to work lad.  Much as ye gave a brave speech, we gots no where to go.”  


Minnow had enough of being walked on.  Told he couldn’t do something, or having something taken from him when he did not want it.  No he wanted to give back.  To help those who were suffering.  “I will find us some place ok?  If I can find a place for us to work will you help me?”


Again more silence as the two looked to each other before giving a nod to the teen.  “Ye haven’t let me down yet lad.  So if ye can find a place to work, we will be by yer side.”  The teen couldn’t help but brighten at the thought.  Maybe, just maybe he could make a difference.  Now the question was how to get a place to work.  Persistence maybe?  It was currently neutral in the war.  So maybe it wouldn’t mind a couple of extra smiths about.  What about the other places?  Could he get to them some how?  It was time to do some digging.  One way or another he would find a way to get this off the ground.  A fire burned brightly in him this night.  One he wasn’t about to let anyone extinguish.  


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