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Königreich der Verrückten

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Prince, that was the title that he had taken up over Nihilheim. Cheshire had wished for his people to not see him as their ruler, but more as their leader. He had hoped for the ability to communicate with the other cities and peoples on the planet. To lead the void touched into a new age of prosperity and to allow them to reintegrate themselves into the world that had once been their home. He saw now that he was wrong. The world was as chaotic as it had always been. Even now its soil was tainted with the antimagical fumes that had been dispersed by the followers of The Faltering Bright. Even now, they were not safe. After a long ten days of intense therapy, Cheshire was sure now more than ever that now was the time to act. He had everything that he needed and the play was set. 


Stepping to the top of the tower he gazed over his city. His princedom. No, his kingdom. Now was the time to act. To evolve and move on. The people of Nihilheim were not safe so long as they remained here. Now was the time to enact the greatest of exodus’s. He’d tried it once, so many lives ago. Merging his home with this world. Just that small fraction of it. Enough to bring his house here. It had killed him. But that was merging of the realms, this was transportation. The time was almost nigh. The moon was at its highest point. Closing his eyes, he offered a silent prayer to a god that he no longer believed in. When his eyes opened, the red and black pinwheels of the mangekyou sharingan were revealed. “Grand Kamui…” He muttered, throwing almost all of his power into the spell. The moon went red, reflecting the image of his eye and became as a black hole, sucking everything in and leaving not but a crater where the city of Nihilheim had once sat.


As the spell finished. As his kingdom was now secure, resting within a dimension of his creation. A world of his design. He had been hard at work, crafting this place for some time now. Carefully carving the hills and valleys. Carefully planting the streams and rivers. An infinite dimension. A fae domain of his own. “Prince…” he muttered, having slunk to his knees. A prince no more, he rose within the warmth and light of the new sun, of his new sun. “All princes must become kings…”

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