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Lady Kuklovod Speaks [Speech #1]

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A/N:By Cadenziera Law and The RolePages Terms Of Service, The Following Post may not be copied or “recorded” by any characters or writer’s without my constent

A Camera began to play with Supreme Empress Lady Kuklovod at podium in the Capital Settlement Of Fellwinters “I know that everyone is excited that I have come into the Iron Banner and taken over for Benjamin aka Lord Saladin, now one of my first acts as Empress will be explained”

“Now there’s been a little resistantance that our Ally, The Combine had been dealing with and the ILE will not tolerate it so I would like to annouce that because the Red War is over, if the Red Legion doesn’t comply within the terms of surrender and annexation, then I will be forced to forcibly control you” The Supreme Empress said before continuing

“Once they have been annexed, we will begin to help the Combine handle this Resistantance as long as the Combine is willing to allow us to help with developing there tech and sharing it with as these things” Lady Kuklovod said picking up a gun and throwing it to the ground and smashing it with her foot

“Are agents of the dark past that we all share..that concludes this Speech” The Transmission ended

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