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Lamentations of the Worthy: The Song of Stars and Flame

stars and flame 3
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A massive Star Destroyer, hurtled from space and sent by portal, suddenly appears through a portal just a few miles above the Gaian city of Civalo’ki. It is a mile long and it is moving at incredible speed, and when it hits, the inhabitants are completely unaware. The initial impact is a rumble that is heard across the great Eastern Continent. The after effects are earthquakes and fires. But for Civalo’ki, it is a world changing episode. Their world is destroyed. The Gaians, the agents of lives are eviscerated. The trees are set on fire, the flowers burn, the grove of peace is lost and the Tree of Life is shattered. The great hope of Hellifyno is lost, in a moment.
The Gaian home land is set to flames and fire and destruction.
Many of those best suited to handle the Void are killed, the Gaia Priests are eviscerated. And only a remnant is left.
Fire.. ruin… and ash
The city of Life is fallen.
Magicia the Nightmare Dancer – Queen of Paracosm
Magicia steps through a nightmare rift into the center of the burning city, leading Anthem through. “… My gods…”
æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ
Her crimson orbs reflected the dancing fire that consumed the once great city of life. “Dear Gaia. I pray for your children to have a safe trip into the afterlife.” The Scion was exhausted. For weeks she didn’t have her power, only to gain it back yesterday; only for this to happen today. That does a number on the body, but her will kept her going. At the very least she went around the city, putting out fires and helping any survivors; she planned to spend the night here. Maybe the day tomorrow. With the Olde Watch machine piloted by the void brought down, this city needed her the most.
Fwufikins, the Maids™
The Head Maid stepped through the portal and watched their Mistress. There was so little they could do for her in this moment. There’s only so much a creature that exists for violence can do to console the one thing they love… They felt helpless, defeated even in their moment of triumph… “Some day… I’ll be able to keep you safe, Mistress. To keep you happy…I just wish it wouldn’t have to be a some day any more.” The Maid was taking blame for this… it was their idea originally… They’d failed mistress again because of it.
Magicia the Nightmare Dancer – Queen of Paracosm
“… I’m so sorry, Anthem.” She speaks out of both guilt and sympathy… quietly watching for a bit before turning to her maid and giving them an exhausted hug. “… At least… at least we managed to keep Paracosm safe… l-let’s go home. I.. I need a bath and some sleep.”
Fwufikins, the Maids™
“Yes… Mistress Magicia…” The maid manages a bow, but their composure is… less than usual. “I’ll take you home.”
Magicia the Nightmare Dancer – Queen of Paracosm
So the maid and the mistress return to their home. One war seemingly one, another just beginning.
æ Scion Anthem Kishimoto æ
Anthem regarded the Queen’s apology, but still didn’t hold her accountable. She had done what she always did, save her country, save many many innocent lives; there was no way the Scion could condemn that. But the remainder of the people here needed her, and she hoped one day maybe another seed from the Tree of Life would appear; eventually. But that was tomorrows problem, for now she put out more fire before every single thing was lost.
Aero (ALL corp )
And ALL Corp pods slowly decend and land nearby with food and supplies for anyone stranded without foodies.
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