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Late to the Party- For Honor Review

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Well kiddos its time once again for another late to the party review! For those of you that are new to this and even care, this is the moment when i give you my personal review and opinions on a game that’s been out for a bit. Weather its because im a broke bastard who’s just getting my hands on it or i’ve waited till the hype died down to do so is irrelevant. Today we will be talking about For Honor. Or as i’ve come to call it, Gank Simulator 2017.

For those of you who dont keep up with the latest games or have been living under a rock, For Honor is a Multiplayer battle simulator in which you take on the role of one of 12 heroes from 3 different factions to battle it out for the chance to say “Im better than you”. Of course this debate was already settled in the inogural season that i and my fellow bearded bastards won so HA im better than you!

I digress. Ego aside, each of the three factions has a decent roster of classes to chose from depending on your style of play and allows for a semi-decent customization so that you can stand out from the other several thousand people who have also chosen the Orochi. Each class comes with its own set of skills and abilities to aid you in your attempt to positively murder fuck the shit out of the other dudes. Experience is earned for each person that you eliminate allowing access to the other moves and abilities that you have pre-selected outside of game.

However, while there is a strong emphasis on the Multiplayer i was rather delighted at the Single Player campaign, Its not only a good way to get a little experience in how to use all the main characters but its also, well, a rather decent story. Though the main characters themselves arent that memorable there is a clear reason for their actions and why the events are going on the way that they are and provides a understandable reason for why you’re killing countless drones of enemies aside from “Its what we do”.

Actually, that point brings up something else in the game i wanted to talk about. The big bad. It’s been a while since we had a villain memorable for something other than how many times they kicked us into a wall, looking at you darksouls, and Apollion is just that. There’s something about the way she speaks and explains things that, while you dont necessarily identify with her, you understand. Cool tempered and deadly, she is exactly the thing i had hoped for from the trailers.

Now, onto the multiplayer. There are several modes ranging from one on one duels to full scale battles that are reminiscent of the original Battlefront series for everyone to enjoy. At this point, it really comes down to what do you want to do? By that i mean, how willing are you to travel in a pack to hunt down your enemies? I cannot tell you how many times i’ve fought someone one on one only to have the whole of the enemy team show up wanting to show me what my spleen looked like. Annoying? Absolutely, however its one of the draws ive found. There really isnt a more badass feeling in this game then when you’re fighting 3 vs 1 and show the enemy that youre the big kid on the playground now, take THAT Big Joe from 3rd grade!

Teamwork, in modes other than duel and brawl, is almost essential. You have to be aware of your surroundings and help your teammates out to stand a better chance and even though im the kind of guy who normally likes to ride off into the sunset, dragging my enemies mutilated corpses behind me like the horseman of war i think i am… im okay with this. It’s nice to feel like you’ve helped someone out and hell you even get points for doing it. The assist number isnt just a participation award anymore its actually viable and helps the team out all together by granting you exp for your efforts. As someone who normally plays support and buff’s his friends that means something to us.

The modes are difficult and the combat system takes time to learn. Sure you can just spam random buttons but it really doesnt work as well. Not a game that i would recommend for you, and i say this with great love, casual scum, but if you take the time to learn how to use your character you will become a badass. Less and less do i find myself screaming about bullshit when it comes to characters because really you cant just button mash and win. Something that, again, i havent seen for a while outside of most MOBA’s.

So thats my take on it. Over all its a fun game and i encourage anyone who hasnt tried it or who dropped it in the beginning to pick it up again and give it a go. With the patches that have come through most of the problems that were there in the start are more or less gone to be honest. Well, aside from shitty teammates but thats the risk in any multiplayer game. I think i can solidly say that it is one of my favorite games of the new gaming generation.

What? You think theres something i havent covered? Some mighty white elephant in the room that i have yet to address? I dont know what you’re talking about. Yes those are my peanut shells on the floor. Yes i ate 6 barrels worth. Alright fine. You want me to talk about it? Here it is. THe biggest problem with For Honor? The god damn connectivity issues! I really cant say anything that HASNT been said before. The peer to peer servers are absolute garbage a lot of the time. Pulling you from matches when you’re at the height of your game in most cases and robbing you of the experience that you should have earned.

You remember that 1 v 3 feeling? Yeah, you’ll feel like a bad ass and then you’ll wanna put an ax through the television because the game will have decided that you’re far too much of a god of war to be playing and pull you out via connectivity error. Seriously, whoever’s idea it was to make this descision as far as the servers must have been an avid fan of Ariana Grande because just like Manchester they blew it.

Dark topical humor aside, ive gone weeks without playing for honor due to these issues. Its that bad and as much as i love the game it just cuts in so much. If you have a good internet connection it isnt too bad provided that everyone else in the game has the same kind of provider. Again though, it isnt nearly as bad as it used to be and it doesnt happen every game like it used too. Is it annoying? Infuriating actually. does it take away from the experience? Yes. In the end though, as big of an issue as it is the rest of the fame hold up enough that i keep coming back to it. What else can i say except “To Valhalla” let the games begin.

  1. Joon 3 years ago

    If Joon was not a male, and such an ass I won’t love for the pair of them to be crazed killers together. But alas, it was not to be… This time as with all the others you have outdone yourself my dear. MAUVALOUS!!! MAUVALOUS!! BRAVO!!! ENCORE!!! ETCETERA ETCETERA!!!

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