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Le Morte Trading Inc – Catalog #652178

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Abarimon – Savage humanoid with backwards feet

Acephali – Headless humanoid

Alan – Winged humanoid that steals reproductive waste to make children

Alkonost – Angelic bird with a humans head and chest

Asag – Hideous rock creature

Astomi – Humanoid sustained by pleasant smells instead of food

Aziza – Little people that assist hunters

Banshee – Frenzied old woman whose high pitch shriek brings a coming death

Brownies – Small humanoid creatures that wear all brown and sneak into homes at night to assist with household                                                       chores

Calingi – Humanoid with an eight (8) year life span

Carbuncle – Small creature with a jewel on their head

Cecaelia – Human upper body and octopus lower body

Centaur – Half human half horse creature that runs wild and are unruly

Cyclops – One eyed giant that captures and eats people

Demon – Spirits of hell that battle for humans souls

Dokkaebi – Grotesque horned humanoids

Dragon – Firebreathing flying lizard

Drakaina – Female humanoid dragonian species

Duwende – Nature bound little people

Dwarf – Short stalky humanoid that lives and mines underground

Eachy – Humanoid lake monster

Ekek – Flesh eating winged humanoid

Elf – Pointy eared humanoids who excel in magic and archery

Eva-Borg – Cybernetic human that still retains a soul

Fairy – Small flying humanoid with magical abilities

Genie – Magical humanoids that are bound to a container and grants owner three (3) wishes

Gnome – Small humanoid creatures that live and travel beneath the earth

Goblin – Grotesque troublesome little creatures that have a greedy desire for gold and jewels

Golem – Magically animated human shaped creature made of earthy materials

Gorgon – Fanged, snake haired, humanoid with a snakes body. Its stare can turn beings to stone

Harpy – Female creatures with the features and wings of a bird

Hippopodes – Horse hoofed humanoid

Incubus – Demon that takes form of attractive men to seduce women

Kitsune – Fox like humanoid

Krishnans – Green/blue skinned humanoid with antennae like tendrils

Leprechauns – Small drunken bearded men with a pot of gold

Macrocephali – Giant headed humanoid

Mandi – Humanoid creature with a forty (40) year life span

Marro – Skinless insectoid alien species

Melusine – Winged water serpant

Mermaid – Sea creature with the head and torso of a woman tail of a fish

Minotaur – Head and legs of a bull and the torso of a man

Nekomata – Feline like humanoid

Nymph – Devine female spirits of nature

Okami – Wolf/Dog like humanoid

Orgre – Ugly oversized humanoid creature with great strength and little intelligence

Pandi – Humanoid creature with giants ears, eight (8) fingers and toes and white hair

Peri – Winged humanoid creatures

Pixie – Small humanoid creature with pointy ears and cause mischief

Puckwudgie – Troll like creatures with grey skin

Reaper – Soul collecting shadow creatures of the night

Satyr – Half man half goat that are wild and lustful

Shapeshifter – Human that can willingly take the form of an animal while maintaining consciousness

Siren – Man eating beautiful women whose songs compel men to their deaths

Sprite – Elemental fairy like spirits invisible to humans

Succubus – Demon that takes form of beautiful women to seduce men

Syrictae – Reptillian like humanoid

Taliidan – Humanoid alien

Triton – Seas creature with the head and torso of a man and the tail of a fish

Undead – Dead that behave as if they were alive

Vampire – Charming bloodsuckers that are typically undead

Werewolf – Humans that unwillingly change into wolfs

Zombie – Living dead that feed off of human flesh or brains


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